Virtual Open House

Willowbrook Elementary - August 20, 2020

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Welcome to our 2020-2021 Open House. Our Open House for students in grades 1 - 4 will take place online this year. Your classroom teachers have scheduled several online Google Meet sessions with our parents for today. They are looking forward to meeting all of our students via Google Meet.

Please take a moment to view the attached link of our building wide

Willowbrook Open House 2020-2021 presentation.
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First Day of School Information

A Message from Nurse Brittney

Hello Parents!

I am looking forward to caring for your children. Please review our health services letter as there is some very important information you will need to know. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help!

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

The first day of school is scheduled for Grades 1 - 4: Monday, August 24th 7:50 am - 2:50 pm. KINDERGARTEN will begin school on Thursday, August 27th 7:50 am - 2:50 pm.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Our classroom doors will open at 7:25 am. Students are counted tardy when the bell rings which is at 7:50 am. Please plan to arrive early as traffic can become congested at Gator Rd & Bright Rd. All car riders will be released from the car line in front of the building. Please watch staff members for assistance and directions when entering and exiting the car line. Please remember to drive slowly and stop at the designated car duty stop signs. Also, please remember that cell phone use is prohibited while in the car line.


  • Please remain in your vehicles while in the car line unless your student needs assistance with a car seat or booster seat.

  • Students will exit the car lanes quickly and enter through one of two entrances this year. There will be a front entrance and a back entrance. Staff will be on duty to assist your students.

  • Staff members in the hallways will assist students once inside the building in navigating their way around to their classrooms where they will be greeted by their classroom teachers.

  • Bus riders and walkers will enter through the designated entrances and will be assisted by duty staff.

  • Students who need to eat breakfast may head to the cafeteria where they will have breakfast before going to their classrooms.

  • Parents may also choose to park their vehicles in the parking lot and walk their students to one of the two crosswalks.

  • Please see additional information regarding Car Rider Arrival in our online newsletter. Willowbrook Back to School 2020.


  • Please remain in your vehicles while in the car line unless your student needs assistance with a car seat or booster seat.

  • Students and families will be assigned a number tag this year. Students will receive tags for their backpacks and parents will receive numbered placards for your vehicle.

  • Once your vehicle has entered the car line, your numbered placard will be entered and the student will be released.

  • Families will not be allowed to park and have students released. All car riders must be released through the car line process.

  • During afternoon pickup, please do not block or hold up the moving car line waiting on middle school students from Bright Field. We will need you to pull around to park while we keep the line moving as quickly and safely as possible.

In the event of rain, we will continue to unload and load as normal. This means students may not always be let out at the covered awning. For safety purposes, staff will not unload or load vehicles if there is lightning. During arrival, parents may make the decision to park and walk your student to either entrance of the school in the event of lightning. Please always use the crosswalks.

Important: Car Rider Instructions for Pick-Up for the 1st Day of School

Hello Parents:

This year Willowbrook will be utilizing a new electronic system for our dismissal process. This process assigns a number to each student. Students from the same household are also assigned the same number. This number is unique only to your family and is displayed on a special placard that will be distributed by Willowbrook Elementary.

Instead of calling our usual car tags with student names during pick-up, our dispatcher will be entering student numbers as you arrive in the car line through an electronic device. This electronic system notifies the school wide dashboard system of which student needs to head to the car rider area. Students will leave their classroom and head to the car rider area when their number displays. Our duty staff will be stationed along all hallways and car rider exits to help escort students to the pick-up area. This system ensures that we are keeping our student cohorts separate and safe.

Here's what we need you to do:

  1. When your child's teacher reaches out to you, they will ask about transportation at pick-up.

  2. If your student will be a car rider at any point this school year, the teacher will give you an assigned number from 1 - 998 for your student. This number will be specific to your student only.

  3. Please notify the teacher at that time, if you have more than one student at Willowbrook and if you have already been assigned a number from any other teachers. All siblings will be assigned the same number. This only applies to students at Willowbrook and does not include Bright Field Middle School.

  4. Using the temporary car tag provided by Willowbrook, write your student's assigned number in the blank.

  5. Place tag on front dashboard or front window so that our dispatcher will be able to read it as you enter the car line for pick-up.

  6. Willowbrook will issue you an official and permanent number placard for your car at a later date that will come home with your student.

Bus Transportation

We will continue to keep all of our cohort groups separate when waiting for their bus at school. Students will be escorted from their classrooms to their assigned bus by a designated duty staff member. Face coverings are required to be worn by everyone on the bus during school bus transportation. Transportation will apply the most feasible social distancing guidelines; however, distancing ins't possible on most routes. Seating charts will be used. Please see the Bentonville Schools Reopening Plan for more specific information.

Willowbrook Safety Procedures

We are ONE Herd!

As we begin to re-open school, this year our approach will be 'We Are ONE Herd!' Students and staff will be assigned to one group and will remain with that group throughout the school day. We want this to be a family oriented, cohort approach. When students and staff move about the school building, they will stay together. These cohorts will not mix with other cohorts in the building. Students will participate in all activities including lunch, recess and specials classes with their cohort only. Cohorts must remain at least six feet in distance from other cohorts when passing in the halls. Any non-cohort person entering the group will need to wash hands, apply sanitizer and remain at least 6 feet from the group as much as possible. This would include other staff members, counselors, interventionists, instructional assistants, etc. Our teachers and staff will re-arrange classroom furniture in order to maximize distance between student seating.

Health Screening Protocol

  • Please remember it is the parent's responsibility to screen their child everyday prior to entering school by using the Arkansas Department of Health's current screening guidelines.

  • Our school staff are required to complete the same screening digitally everyday before entering the school. This information will be monitored daily by administrators.

  • All outside staff, maintenance, kitchen staff, custodial staff will also be required to complete the screening form at the sanitation stations at entrances.

Cleaning Protocols

  • Every classroom is equipped with a spray bottle of virucidal disinfectant, cleaning gloves and a cleaning cloth for daily use.

  • Staff are expected to conduct frequent wipe downs of high touch areas.

  • Playground equipment will be disinfected with virucidal spray before lunch, after lunch and after school. There is a ten minute gap after playground cleanings before students will be allowed on the playground to use the equipment.

  • Our restrooms will be disinfected four times a day.


All persons are prohibited from entering the school except the following:

  • school or district staff

  • students enrolled at the school

  • parents picking up ill or injured children (no younger siblings)

  • district employees or district partners approved by the building principal providing necessary services to children

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Face Coverings are Required

Students in kindergarten through the 12th grade shall be required to wear a mask or face covering while attending school and when riding in school-provided transportation. We will make every effort to give our students opportunities for safe mask breaks that will include social distancing.

Students shall wear face coverings at all times except for the following:

  • Students may remove masks and face coverings for eating or drinking;

  • Students may remove masks and face coverings when appropriate physical distancing measures are in place as determined by a Bentonville Schools staff member;

  • Students may be exempted from this Emergency Policy by the school principal due to a documented medical condition or disability of the student;

  • Students may remove masks and face coverings on a case-by-case basis for specific instructional needs, including physical education activities, as determined by a teacher, in which case the teacher will require appropriate physical distancing measures to the extent possible;

  • Students may remove masks and face covering while participating in athletic activities where a six feet distance is not achievable, but a mask is inhibitory to the activity or active exercise;

  • Students may be exempted from this Emergency Policy due to special behavioral or individualized needs as determined by the Director of Special Services or the Director of Student Services.

Students who do not have a face covering will be provided with one from the school.

If you feel your child will be unable to where a face covering, I want to encourage you to reach out to me as soon as possible. If you have a doctor's note for your student, we will need to schedule an action planning conference with you before the start of school before approval can be considered. Additional safety measures that will be implemented this year are the result of our Community Task Force Reopening 2020 Plan , which was approved on August 4th by our Board of Education.

I do understand there are situations where face coverings will not be appropriate for our growing, school aged children who are still developing socially, mentally and physically. We want and need to do what is best for our kids. I'm happy to discuss the details of the action planning process for face coverings with you and any concerns you may have regarding face coverings being worn at school.

Christina Hamilton

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Tardy Bell, Late Arrivals and Early Checkouts

The tardy bell will ring at 7:50 am. Our doors will open at 7:25 am ready to receive students. All students not inside the double doors by the time the tardy bell rings are counted tardy. Students who arrive to school late will need to be escorted to the front door by a parent. Parents will need to park in the parking lot and then walk students to the front doors. Please ring the bell to be assisted by a staff member. We will provide you with a QR code. This will allow you to complete the check-in process. You will need to scan the QR code with your device in order to complete it. Once the student has been checked in, staff will be able to receive the student for entry into the building. Early checkouts will need to be scheduled by appointment only by 9:00 am the day of pick-up. This ensures we have enough planning time and staff available to assist in the office.

Delivery of Items to Classrooms

Due to the guidance of the Arkansas Department of Health, we will not be able to accept deliveries of forgotten items to students in the classroom. This will include water bottles, lunches, jackets, etc. If a student needs water, we will provide them with a fillable cup to use at our touchless water fountain. Any student who needs a lunch will need to be provided with one from our cafeteria.

Chromebook Insurance

Chromebook insurance for the 2020-21 school year will be $20.00, payable through MyPaymentsPlus. Chromebook fees will be posted to all student accounts on Thursday, August 20th. The link is here: Chromebook Insurance.

Activity Classes

All classes for Global Connections, Art and Computer STEM Lab will take place in the classroom. These teachers will enter the cohort, wash hands, sanitize and remain at least 6-12 feet in distance as much as possible.

Students will not be allowed to share materials.

Students will use their own assigned Chromebooks for Computer STEM Lab.

Music classes will take place inside the music room with occasional class time scheduled for the outdoor singing in the courtyard. Students will not use or share musical instruments.

P.E. classes will be permitted in the gym or outside. All activities that require close proximity will be avoided. Equipment cannot be shared and will be disinfected between each class.

Library classes will take place in the library. Students will be required to use hand sanitizer before entering to select books. Chairs, tables and counters will be wiped down and disinfected after each class.

Hallway Traffic

  • We will use a two-lane system when traveling in the hallways. Cohorts will remain at least six feet from other cohorts who may be traveling in the halls.

  • We will have scheduled times that are staggered for travel among all of the cohorts. The use of designated entrances and exits will be assigned to specific areas of entry and exit, such as the playground and cafeteria.

All students and staff will need to travel on the right side of the hallway to remain socially distanced from others.

Bathroom Breaks

  • All K-1 classrooms will use their classroom bathroom only. If these students are away at library, music, PE or recess, they will use the nearest hallway restrooms in either the cafeteria or the 100 hallway.

  • Scheduled classroom breaks will be used for grades 2 - 4 at their assigned bathrooms:

    • 2nd Grade: 100 Hallway

    • 3rd Grade: 300 Hallway

    • 4th Grade: Cafeteria

  • Our restrooms will be disinfected four times a day

  • Students will be reminded how to properly wash their hands and how to practice social distancing within the bathroom.

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Free and Reduced Lunch Program

For families participating in the free and reduced lunch program, the Chromebook insurance fee will be waived. Families who were on the free and reduced lunch program last school year will continue to hold that designation for the first 30 days of school to allow time to submit a new application. Families new to the free and reduced lunch program will need to submit an application as soon as possible to avoid being assessed the fee for Chromebook insurance. We strongly encourage free and reduced lunch applications for both new and renewing families to be submitted electronically at Families may request a paper application or get support in completing the application by contacting Nutrition Services Manager Mary Denny at 479-254-5045.

Cafeteria, Breakfast and Lunch

All cohorts will eat lunch in their classrooms. The same precautions used for students with food allergies will take place in the classroom. We encourage all families to use our online payment system in order to reduce the exchange of money by the cashiers. Here is a link to access the online payment system:

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Contact Us

We invite you to please reach out to our staff if you have any questions or concerns as we begin to re-open school. We understand this is a hard time for many and we are anxious to see our students back at Willowbrook as well. Our goal is to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Thank You,

Mrs. Christina Hamilton


Mrs. Emily Carlson

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Kim Green

Assistant Principal

Virtual Administrator

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