Digital Citizenship Project

Zachary W., Period 5


Things can get pretty rough on the internet, make sure that you don't say anything mean or rude, remember to be respectful, nice, helpful, and kind. You don't want to hurt someones feelings.

Rule #2: Don't give away personal information.

People and hackers can use it to spam your email and give your computers viruses. It can also lead to people that are trying to steal your money or identity theft. Only use these on cites you can trust.

Rule #3: Be careful of what you put on the internet.

If you post something on the internet or most likely a social network, you need to make sure it is not to personal. If it is don't post it. If you do you might have to face the fact that people will make fun of you or even if it is offensive to them you might be in trouble.

Rule #4 Stay safe will on the internet.

There are lots of people that want to steal stuff from you. Prevent that by keeping all of of your personal information to yourself and let your parents help with problems that seem suspicious. If anything does happen tell your parents or block the person that is bothering you.

Rule #5 Stop cyber bullying!

Nobody likes a cyber bully, so don't be one either. Prevent them by not giving out personal info and phone numbers. If you encounter a cyber bully, block them, tell your parents, or figure out a way to get help.

Rule #6 Don't copy other peoples work.

It is very common that people use plagiarism. It can lead to punishments at school or even home, it is very serious that you do not copy other peoples work without permission. Do not do it without the person that originally made it.

Rule #7 Don't copy right.

Copy righting is very similar to plagiarism, you are still stealing things, but you are stealing different things. Copy righting consists of movies, songs, and/or pictures. Remember you can still be fined and punished.