LASE Update 2/1/2016


Please remember that our regular LASE meeting scheduled for February 5th has been canceled.

Instead we have Springfield Schools along with Sponsors (Rethink & SpedTrack) who will be hosting the CASE Hybrid conference on February 11-12. Registration and lunch is being provided at no cost! You can register for one or both days but please RSVP by Wednesday in order to allow for meal and venue planning!


The conference will be held at SPS's new office building located at 1610 East Sunshine on the south side of the road. It is just east of Grove Spa and Oxford Health Care between Oxford and a Phillips 66. It is across the street from Hogan Land and Title. The building is tan, two story and easy to miss as there is not a sign up at this time – hence the landmarks provided!

Here is a link to the conference agenda indicating topics and speakers for both days!

Handouts for Hybrid sessions will be sent electronically to those registering as they become available (please note that paper copies won't be available at the site).

Contact Amy Phipps for any further info -


FREE TRAINING! - Amy Buie is offering free registration for her upcoming Rage to Reason training on March 4th in St. Perers Missouri. She has 80 spots available on a first come first serve basis. She will be professionally videotaping the session which will require a few brief pauses so she is offering it for FREE!! You can register for the session at her website Training participants won't be seen in the video in case anyone is wondering!

NEW OPPORTUNITY - Learning Momentum is offering an intensive training program to meet the needs of your entire district. The program will certify two staff members as Behavior Intervention Specialists and each will receive intensive training this summer and support throughout the entire year. In addition, there will be training each month, all year for the Specialist and also for the entire district. You will also have remote consultation at all times from a BCBA throughout the year so you can get answers when you need them, not on a scheduled day. The cost is less than a monthly visit from a BCBA and allows you to support your own needs. The goal is to build capacity within each district. The cost for the training is $4,200 per district and there are a limited number of spots and registration deadline is April 1st.

For further info please contact:

Amy Buie, MEd, BCBA, LBA

CEO and Founder

Learning Momentum

PO Box 1450

O'Fallon, MO 63366

(636) 448-3872


There have been several bills filed that could have potential impacts - here is a quick run down.

  • HB 2419 (Rep Kelley-Lamar) Requires all public schools to install and maintain video cameras in each classroom where a child with a disability regularly receives special education services. The video recording must be saved for at least 30 days after the date of recording. Requirement would not apply to a classroom where the majority of children receiving services are not children with disabilities. The wording of this bill seems to assume that special education services are all delivered in clearly identified “classrooms” which is frequently not the case. If passed this mandate would clearly cause considerable expense to districts. If your district gets a fiscal note request on this bill, please be prepared to project what it would cost to implement these mandatory recordings including equipment purchases, maintenance, storage and tracking of video, as well as staff time and ongoing training necessary to actually implement.
  • HB 1643 (Rep Hicks – St. Peters) Students would require 30 minutes of CPR and Heimlick maneuver training in order to graduate. Right now this is permissive but not required. If passed this new requirement would become effective for the 2017-18 school year. There is an exemption for students with disabilities that reads “Students with disabilities may participate to the extent appropriate as determined by the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.”
  • HB 2379 (Rep Swan) Requires screening and instruction for dyslexia. This bill is very similar to SB 809 (Sifton) with a few wording differences. If your district receives a fiscal note request for this bill, please be sure to estimate your costs for screening, evaluation, and intervention for students. If you use the national estimate of 20% of all school age children having dyslexia that would relate to a significant cost to districts to implement these requirements.


If the need arises to cancel a regular LASE meeting due to weather I will attempt to get an email out to everyone with sufficient notice. You are also welcome to call, text, or email me to check the status of our meeting if needed.

You can reach me by cell at 417-335-0360 or email