Articles of the Confederation

Denali Smith

Articles of confederation, America's worst Constitution

The articles of confederation Where made to be weak because they didn't want to be like the king and abuse the power, and take away peoples rights.

Strengths of the Articles

The strengths of the Articles were the land ordinance of 1785, northwest ordinance of 1787, negotiated the treaty of Paris 1783, and governed the nation during the revolutionary war. When we get enough people we get to become a state. When they move into their new land they wont allow slavery

Weaknesses of the Articles

Weaknesses of the articles were the lack of power to enforce laws,they lacked power to levy taxes,they lacked power to control power to control trades among states, They also required all 13 states to vote to make changes in the articles,lacked power to control trades among the native Americans get pushed out of there land, the other states don't like that they don't allow slaves.

North West Ordinance of 1787 (pros and cons)

The more land you had the more you could do like vote. In the NorthWest slavery was forbidden. The cons of the North West Ordinance is people who did not have much property could not vote. The Pros are slavery was forbidden.

Shays' Rebellion (causes and effects)

Congress had a shortage of money, farmers could not pay their debts/taxes, farmers were thrown in jail for debt. The effects are many Americans realize that the government is weak, and the economy suffered.