Austin's Five Themes of Geography

by Emily Hebel


This map shows the absolute location of Austin. It is 30.2500 degrees N and 977.7500 degrees W. Location is where a place is and Austin is Located in Texas, in the United States.


This picture repersents both a physical and a human place. The physical place is Lake Austin, a lake in the system of lakes that are on the Colorado River and the human place is the finacially afflulent who own a yacht.


This picture represents movement by showing how a bike trading system is a cleaner, greener way to get around. People can bike somewhere and leave the bike at a station then bike back.


This picture defines the Hill Country region. Its shows the region in salmon. This region is a group of places or (absolute locations) that have many traits in common like climate and similar jobs. Its very arid and can flood easily, not to mention the perpetual drought and low lakes. (The one exception is LBJ lake.)

Human-Enviroment Interaction

The Human Environment interaction in Austin is taking animals in to help them survive in the wild. We may take up the housing space for animals but we are trying to relocate them to preserves. This is unique to Austin because in other big cities like Houston they have to euthanize animals and there is no park or green space for them to live.