Daisy Dedios Bautista & Daniel Trejo Period 6

Wildfires causes

The natural disaster we are studying is wildfires.Wildfires are created when there is a lightning or because of a careless person.This makes Florida a place to have wildfires because there are a lot of lightning that strike and forms fires that could expand because of trees (which could get striked with lightning too) and because of dry grass/land.Wildfires could also get caused by accidents because a car could burn in flames and make it expand.It could also get caused by campfires because if you accidentally leave a piece of wood in an unsorted place it could burn in that place and if the area is dry it could also get caught in fire.

Historical impacts in Florida

One historical impact of this is in 1935 there was a big fire called big scrub fire in Ocala national Forest.This fire was spreading very quickly and was considered the fastest spreading fire in the U.S.Another big fire that formed in Florida was one 1998.This fire had struck palm coast and had 45,000 people evacuate safely.

How does this affect living organisms in Florida?

This could affect living organisms in Florida by burning plants/trees or by causing people to inhale the smoke and cause lots of coughing.It could also burn people that aren't aware of the fire.Fire could also affect animals because animals could also inhale it or get burned by it .A wildfire could also burn an animals natural habitat causing them to have to live somewhere else.

Ways to protect prepare yourself from wildfires

-Know if your in a wildfire area

-plant fire resistant shrubs and trees around your house

-prepare disaster supply kits for your home and car

-Bring canned food, can opener, bottle of water, battery operated radio, flashlight, clothes, and written instructions on how to turn off electricity and gas, and water

-Always listen to the television and radio for updated information

-If you are in a wildfire be sure to take caution when entering buildings or your home , be sure to feel the door if its hot because if you don't you may get burned

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