Internet Safety

By Emily Gardner


In this i will be explaining about internet safety. In article 1 I will be talking about parental settings on your child's phone like what websites to use to make sure your child is safe. In article 2 I will be showing some video links to youtube about internet safety.

Parental Settings On Your Child's Phone

I like this website because it tells you how to have your child's phone's settings safe so they are safer.

Some mobile phone service providers allow you to set certain controls over your child’s phone. This can include blocking access to certain sites and monitoring your child’s activities. When buying a mobile, speak to the sales representative to find out more about what services they offer. You can find out more about what controls are available by looking at ‘parents’ sections online; here are a few to get you started:

Useful Videos To Watch

I was looking through the internet and found these videos what I think are really good. Exploited. Exploited is an 18-minute film which helps young people learn to stay safe from sexual exploitation. It educates young people to identify features of an exploitative friendship or relationship in contrast with the development of a healthy relationship, and gives them clear information about how to report abuse and access support. Consequences. I like this video because it shows children not to give out their personal details and not to trust everyone who messages them on the internet.

Social Networks

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