Planet Play's Troost Site Closing

Our 5504 Troost PlaySpace will close indefinitely.

Dear Planet Play Community,

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Planet Play’s 5504 Troost PlaySpace will close to the public, indefinitely, tomorrow.

As many of you know, we temporarily closed our doors in March until August in response to COVID-19. Unfortunately, Planet Play felt the impact of this greatly, and as a result, has not been successful in securing funding from foundations, individuals, or program fees to enable us to keep our site at 5504 Troost open.

Although we may be losing our space, for now, we remain committed to bringing play everywhere, for everyone, especially children and families with the fewest opportunities and the greatest needs. As an organization that started serving the community through mobile play experiences, we hope to continue to offer play programming while finding more options for Planet Play’s expansion.

We want to thank everyone who made these past few years at our Troost PlaySpace possible. Through the memories we shared, the play we created, and the communities we reached, we are thankful for our time in this space, and we are looking forward to the future.

Let’s keep playing, KC!