3-School Newsletter

Cooper Landing, Hope, and Moose Pass Schools

March 28, 2022

Mother Nature’s Season of Sneezing, Runny Nose and Watery Eyes

Seasonal allergy symptoms vary person to person, but often include:

A runny nose, nasal stuffiness or congestion, itching of the nose or eyes, post-nasal drip, which is drainage down the back of the throat, and children especially may have dark circles under their eyes (allergic shiners) or rub their noses constantly by pushing the nose upward (allergic salute).

Gardeners like myself know that we have a short growing season in Alaska and the plants have to take advantage of every hour of sunlight. Pollen from trees explodes in the spring. Birch is a major culprit. Other common allergenic trees include alder and cottonwood.

Rye and timothy are common Alaskan grasses. Many blame summertime allergies on visible cotton flying from the cottonweed trees, but allergic symptoms are due to grass pollen in the summer.

Weeds pollinate in the fall, along with increased levels of mold spores due to decaying plant matter. This time period is my bane with Mother Nature.

There are studies of late that are predicting earlier and longer allergy seasons because of climate change due to increasing temperatures and CO2 levels. Rising temperatures and increased carbon dioxide drive trees, grasses and weeds to produce more pollen. Allergists are definitely paying attention to this possible trend.

Treatment of allergies typically are avoidance of allergens. Medications such as antihistamines work for those with milder symptoms. The non-sedating antihistamines are recommended by allergists. For more severe symptoms, you maybe prescribed a prescription nasal spray. Allergen immunotherapy like “allergy shots” are recommended for patients with moderate to severe symptoms. Other reasons for immunotherapy may include: patients who cannot tolerate medications, patients who desire to reduce medication use, or those who are interested in long term control of their symptoms. I recommend seeing an allergist for a complete evaluation for your individual treatment.

Bring it Mother Nature! I am so ready for Spring!!

Nurse Yoly

Cooper Landing School Updates

Part-Time Custodian Needed - Cooper Landing School is in need of a part-time (4-hours per day) custodian. Please log into the KPBSD website if you are interested and look for Job ID #8523. You can also contact Tommy Gossard at 907-595-1244 or stop by the school.

Last Early Release Day - The last early release day will be April 1. Students will be released at 1:45.

AK Star Assessment - Students in grades 3-10 will be taking the AK STAR assessment next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, April 5-7. This is an important tool that the state uses to identify and support students and communities based on their areas of academic need. Please click here for more information. https://education.alaska.gov/assessments/akstar

Moose Pass School: Dates to Mark on Your Calendar

Friday 4-1 - Early Release Day: Students released at 1:45

Monday 4-4 - School Board Meeting 6:00PM

Wednesday 4-6 - Site Based Council Meeting @ 3:45 via Zoom #306-939-5959

Friday 4-15 - Make up School Day: Previously Calendared Vacation Day

Hope School Happenings

Spring is certainly giving us all that added energy. Our students have been enjoying the open outside with the sun pouring down warm sunshine. They were especially wonderful with their warm and humorous pranks on the Hope School Secretary. It has been a fun and wonderful start to this month.

Readathon pizza party is still scheduled for this Friday the 8th at 2:00 PM. The students did such an amazing job. All of the staff, parents and students were shocked and happy with the results far exceeding their goals. Congratulations to each and everyone of the students on their achievements.

Student testing will be this week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the scheduled testing days. The STAR testing make up day will be Friday morning. We encourage the students to get lots of rest and healthy breakfast to start out the day. Please arrive on time.

Hope School has put together a PTO working area in the Science room with lots of supplies, a computer, printer and lots of various crafty items. Although this is a testing week, we would love for the PTO members to come and be part of the school. We are looking forward to a wonderful last few weeks of school. Please support your PTO and attend the PTO zoom meeting this Wednesday at 4:00 PM.

Volunteers and Substitute Teachers: Hope School is always happy to have substitute teachers and volunteers. Opportunity is available for both positions currently. Please consider one or both positions and visit our website for more information https://www.applitrak.com/kpbsd/onlineapp/default.aspx.

Important Dates:

April 5th: PTO Meeting @ 4:00PM

April 5th, 6th, 7th: STAR Testing with a make up day on April 8th.

April 8th: Pizza Party

April 15th: NO SCHOOL

May 2nd: PTO Meeting @ 4:00 PM

May 18th: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS, Please be sure to turn in all school books.

March Bake Sale: PTO is planning a bake sale fundraiser. Our community will be having some planned events for our students this month.

COVID POLICY: Covid information available on district web site https://www.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/content.aspx?id=42180

Hope School Staff