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Our July Team Sparkle News!

Get Ready for the Fall Collection!!

For those attending Hoopla, you get to order early on July 15th!
Remember, in order to get 50% off samples, you must have sold at least $250 retail in the quarter leading up to the collection debut otherwise your discount remains at 25%.

Please attend a Fall Rally near you in order to see the new line up close! All fall rallies are posted under the Events Tab in the Stylist Lounge. Be sure to check both the 'ON' and 'Ontario' listings for events!

Check our our AMAZING promotions!!!

Congrats to all of our Jump Start Earners!

Linda Rose - wow, $450 in Jump Start Rewards with MANY more shows to go!!

Look who else earned Quick Start Jewelry Bonuses!!
Holly Travis
Jenn Vanbeisen
Jennifer Fedrigo
Nicole Wilson
Cheryl Scarfone-Galipeau
Jennifer Franklin
Melissa Haley
Kelly McMackin

For all still in Jump Start, remember, for every 2 Trunk Shows you do that have 4 unique orders totalling $300 or higher, you earn $150 in FREE jewelry! Don't miss out!!!

Top in Sales!!

Our Top 10 in Sales for May!

Beth Tackaberry $12523

pina de luca $4819

Natalija Assmann $4434

virginia Zavitz $4142

Gabriella Figliano $3847

Madelain Navaleza $3763

Ann-Marie Riddell $3621

Jordana Fernandez $3386

Stacey Falbo $3216

Dayna Ciufo $2914

Our Top 10 in Sales for June!!

Beth Tackaberry $12248

Tracy Clemens $3819

Gabriella Figliano $3651

pina de luca $3374


Ryanne Kwan $3290

Jena Garratt Lam $3275

Sonia Nobleza $3242

Anne Marie Beattie $3175

Jennifer Vanbesien $3015

It's not to late to come to Hoopla!!!

We have a huge group going to Hoopla and it's in VEGAS - what could be more fun than that?!?!?
REGISTER NOW - you will not regret it and you will see your business EXPLODE when you return!

Don't miss out!!

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Thank you for being a part of our team!

Beth Tackaberry
Director and Independent Stylist
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