Dark Flame

By Alyson Noel

Dont give up

Ever Bloom and immortal that has been reincarnated and killed over and over, she is one of the many immortals that Damen has given her the elixir to to become immortal when she was close to death. Damen has loved her for over 500 years and has had to find her in her many different lives because his ex wife Drina killed her before he could turn her, so he could never be with her. But now Drina is dead and Damen and Ever have to be careful not to touch or else Damen will die. But the only way they can is in Summerland, a place where anything can be thought and appear right before you. They can touch on the earth plane but only because of a shimmery veil Damen makes to protect them. Ever accidentally casted a spell, a very powerful one, that has made her very attracted to Roman her enemy. But Since the spell went wrong when ever she sees or thinks about Roman this “Dark Flame” takes over and all she wants is Roman no matter if her best friend Haven is dating him she cant stay away from him. She just wants to get the antidote from him and cure herself so she doesn't hurt Damen but now since the spell she has avoided him and escapes to Summerland where she can feel normal without the thought of roman that makes her crazy.

Revenge shouldn't be an answer to everything

Alot of people think revenge is the best way to get back at someone that has hurt you or others. Roman gets revenge on Ever by poisoning Damen and making Ever give him and elixir to save his life but instead of fully bringing him back to normal. Ever and Damen can't touch or change DNA or else Damen will die. Roman did this to them because of Drina, his lover, being killed by Ever. Ever trys to do a spell to make Roman give her what she wants, the antidote. But once it fails she becomes obsessed with Roman and finds out it wasn't the spell that did this to her it is her Darker side.

How The Themes Relate

I think the themes fit this book. Because one you shouldn't give up on something you love or care for and are willing to do whatever it takes to be happy. And yes revenge should never be the answer to your problems or hatered towards someone. You will just end up hurting more people than what you thought you would. Or you will end up hurting yourself. Most people think they others deserve being hurt as much as they hurt you but you shouldn't see it like that.