Hubenak Choir Heads to Austin

March 22, 2018

Overview of the trip

On March 22, the choir will take a field trip to Austin, TX to sing in the capitol rotunda. In addition to our performance, students will tour the state capitol, eat a boxed lunch on the grounds, explore the Bullock Museum of Texas History and watch a short multi-sensory film about the shipwreck of La Salle's exploration voyage on the La Belle in 1864. We will travel in style on chartered buses. The trip will begin and end outside of school hours, so please plan accordingly.

This trip is geared toward student performance and learning. We have a limited number of chaperone spots and there are limitations as to how much family members can be involved with this trip due to security at the capitol. Other non-choir member children may not attend this trip. As per district guidelines, if you choose to bring siblings or other children to this trip, you will not be allowed to interact with or mingle with your child (or other students) during the trip. Please keep reading to see how parents may best be involved in this exciting opportunity.

I wanted to once again thank the Lamar Educational Awards Foundation (LEAF) for providing the funds to take the students on this fantastic trip! Thank you to all parents and community members who give to this organization by participating in LEAF fundraising events. This trip will be taken at NO COST to the students. The meals provided will be covered by our Val-o-gram fundraiser. I appreciate your family's participation in the fundraiser which begins February 1st.

Please read all information carefully, then register your child using the link at the bottom.


  • 6:30am - students arrive at Hubenak, dressed in formal uniform.
  • 6:45am - depart for Austin
  • 9:30am - arrive in Austin
  • 9:45 - 11:00am - tour the capitol, visit the gift shop
  • 11:00am - picnic lunches from the Capitol Grill
  • 11:45am - set up for performance in Rotunda
  • 12:00pm - perform in the capitol rotunda
  • 12:45 - 2:15pm - visit exhibits in the Bullock Museum
  • 2:30pm - Shipwrecked Movie experience
  • 3:00-3:45pm - visit the "Pong to Pokemon: the Evolution of Electronic Gaming" exhibit
  • 4:00pm - depart
  • 6:30pm - arrive back at Hubenak


Chaperones will be an important part of making our trip a success!! We need you! However, because we have a fourth and fifth grade teacher attending, there are only 5 parent chaperone spots available. As per district policy, chaperones may solely be responsible for students on the field trip.

Chaperones will be chosen based on a random drawing. Please indicate that you are interested in being a chaperone when filling out the registration form below. Chaperones will be chosen by February 12th and all will receive notification about whether or not you were chosen.


Of course, we LOVE our families! Choir would not be possible without your incredible support! That is one reason our end-of-year trip to Pleasure Pier is on a Saturday! Families are strongly encouraged to participate in that performance trip.

Because this is a school day and a district funded field trip, school age students may not be checked out of school to participate, per district guidelines. The tours of the capitol are restricted to our students and chaperones only. There is high security in the building and we will have security badges that allow our group, and only our group, to go on this tour.

The 12:00 concert in the rotunda is open to the public, so parents are welcome to attend the concert. Each attendee will go through a security check-in, so please arrive early.

Student and chaperone tickets for the Bullock Museum and theater will be purchased in advance. Parents wishing to join us will need to pay for their own admission. Students will not be released to parents for any reason. They will stay with their chaperone group for the duration of the trip.

As per district guidelines, if you choose to bring siblings or other children to this trip, you will not be allowed to interact with or mingle with your child (or other students) during the trip

All students and chaperones will ride the bus back to Hubenak. There are no exceptions for this trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this trip required?

No. However, this trip is on a school day and is a great way to see our music and social studies objectives come to life!! It is strongly encouraged that your child attend! However, if there is a reason that you wish for your child not to attend, he/she may stay with the non-choir members back at school. Please notify Mrs. Ramsey immediately.

Do I need to bring a lunch?

No. The choir will purchase lunches for the students. However, there are opportunities to provide drinks and snacks for the bus ride.

Can my parents take me if I don’t want to ride on the bus?

No. Hubenak choir members must ride the school-provided transportation to and from this school-sponsored event.

Can my family ride the bus?

The bus seats are reserved for students, teachers and chaperones only.

Who can be a chaperone?

Any guardian who is willing to be responsible for a small group of students during the day. Chaperones may not be responsible for any other children other than those in choir. Chaperones will be responsible for preparing and looking at museum literature in advance and guiding students toward learning objectives. Chaperones may also be asked to help with loading and unloading equipment.

Can I check out to my parents then check back in to a chaperone group at the end of the day to ride home on the bus?

NO! Students will stay with the chaperone group at all times. Parents who are in attendance may walk around with the group, but may not separate the child from the group for any reason.

What do we wear on this trip?

Students will wear their formal uniform and bring a change of shoes*. Students will have a drawstring backpack to carry around their shoes throughout the day. (*Please be aware these details are subject to change as I receive more information about security.)

How much money will my child need?

At this time, we have a short visit to the capitol gift shop as a part of our itinerary. If students wish to purchase a small item to commemorate this trip, they will be able to do so. I would recommend no more that $20 cash.

What happens if I have too many unexcused absences or tardies?

You will not be allowed to go on the trip. Mrs. Ramsey will be very sad about this!! BE CAREFUL with your absences and tardies!! Please review the registration guidelines from the Hubenak Choir website for the strict policy regarding excused and unexcused absences.

What happens if my grades fall on my next report card?

Well...the next report card comes out after our trip! However, as always, Mrs. Ramsey is monitoring grades and communicating with teachers closely. Choir students should take their classwork very seriously and always do their best. Not doing strategies or giving less than your best can result in conduct marks under work habits. 4 marks in this area will result in an N and ultimately cause you to be dismissed from choir.

How will parents be notified of delays or early arrivals when returning to school?

Please make arrangements to be at the school's back parking lot at 6:30pm. Mrs. Ramsey will use the texting and call out features of Charms to notify you of any changes. If you have not been regularly receiving these text and call-out notifications, please check you parent cell phone number in Charms. Notify Mrs. Ramsey immediately if you think something isn't working.

Tardiness to pick up your child at 6:30pm after the field trip may result in your child being dismissed from choir.

This is a long trip! Will you be serving my child dinner?

No. Snacks will be provided for this trip. There will be an online sign up to take donations for snacks and drinks as we get closer to the trip. Make sure to eat an early breakfast at home before you leave and we'll try to be home by dinner time!

What can I take on the bus?

More about this as we get closer!!

Registration ends February 8th.