Party at Gatsby's!

Who was there? What was it like?

People came in huge groups. There were many different kinds of people. People from all over. There were famous people, rich people, young people, and all sorts of other people. There was alcohol, music, and dancing that filled the atmosphere. Guests were talking and laughing as they danced and met new people. Everyone was having fun and the party was exciting and entertaining. Many high society Americans were there enjoying the rich and lavish lifestyle they're aquatinted with. The money and alcohol of that lifestyle was very evident throughout the party as people began to drink and party more and more.


Who is this Gatsby? Where did he come from?

Many rumors were discussed at the party as the night went on. Many people know or have heard many different things about Jay Gatsby. Some of these rumors include being a German spy during the war, growing up in Germany, and participating in the American army during the war. However some rumors were way more serious. The rumor that was most shocking was about him killing a man. This rumor was believed by a lot of the guests at that party. However, they were all rumors, so nobody knows the real truth.