ACT Registration

Register for the April and June ACT tests!

Register EARLY for the ACT!


Did you know that you can register for any ACT test date that's in the future? You don't need to wait! Register NOW so you're not doing it at the last minute.

  • RCMS recommends that you register for the April and June tests. That way, you'll have two chances to get the score you want during your junior year. If you need to re-take the test in the fall of your senior year, you still can, but it's best to do it during the school year (or soon after) so that all that knowledge you worked so hard to gain is still fresh in your brain! At the very least, we strongly encourage you to take the June test. That way, you'll have an ACT score when you start researching and applying to colleges.

  • Everyone can use TWO fee waivers--after that, you have to pay for the test on your own ($39.50 without the Writing portion and $56.50 with the Writing portion).

  • Not sure whether or not to take the Writing portion? Check to see if the colleges you're interested in require it. If you can't find that information, better safe than sorry--go ahead and take it if you feel you can do well enough. We encourage you to challenge yourself, but don't set yourself up for failure.

  • Not every high school is a test site, so if you don't see your high school in the list, you may need to pick a nearby school/testing site. Make sure you're familiar with the site before test day so that you're not stressed about directions, which door to enter, etc.

  • Make sure that you know what you'll need to bring with you (and leave at home) for test day! Do you have the right calculator? Pencils? A small snack? Your admissions ticket and ID? Read the requirements here:

  • In addition to preparing for the content of the questions, it's important to physically prepare. Get a good night's rest before the test, but don't stray too far from your normal sleeping pattern. Eat breakfast or have a small snack so you're not distracted by hunger during the test. Dress comfortably--no need to impress anyone! Remember that you won't be able to look at your phone to check the time, and there may not be a clock in the room. Bring a watch (non-beeping) if you have one. Other tips can be found on page 9 of this booklet:

  • Finally, utilize all the test prep resources at your disposal. The ACT website has some great tools (, including the booklet linked above, which has practice tests and answers, as well as tips for taking each subject test. Remember that BOTH of your D2L classes have been designed to help you prepare you for the test, so keep up with your assignments! And as always, you can reach out to me (Myra), your teachers, or your guidance counselor for help!




Registration deadline: March 4


Registration deadline: May 6