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Ms. Mimbs' lynx time

Interviewing Jonathon Thompson By Drew Ervin and Nic Black

Q1- How do you think the season went for the team and what was the best moment in the season for the team?

Jonathan- The season went very well and the best moments were when we beat Congress, also beating New Mark.

Q2- How do you think you did this season and what was your best moment(s) ?

Jonathan- I think i did very well this season and my best moment was when I dropped 21 points on Raytown South even though we lost.

Q3- Who is your inspiration to play basketball and why ?

Jonathan- My inspiration to play basketball was Kobe Bryant because he is a GOAT.

Q4- What college do you want to go to and why

Jonathan- I want to go to is Ohio State because they are really good at basketball.

Q5- Since this is your first year at Lakeview did you like Lakeview and your team, and if yes, why?

Jonathan- Yes I liked my team I had a lot of good smart athletes, with really nice and smart teachers.

Poetry By Arianna Gallero and Nicole Wilson

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that all of us have seen fluttering through the sky, but how many of us have seen them drawn on paper, or on ourselves? Here's a poem to explain the butterfly.

Don’t You Believe In Butterflies?

A pretty butterfly has been drawn along her wrist,

You think it's purely innocent,

But little do you know that she's been staying up late contemplating,

Contemplating life and her existence here,

She calls her friend to say goodbye but her friend denies her the chance,

Her friend says you have yet to dance among the stars and to touch the sky,

Don’t you believe in butterflies?

I'll draw one on your wrist every day to give you hope for a new day,

You can't kill a butterfly for the beauty in its wings holds the blood of you and without damage it will fly effortlessly through the sky but with every tear it will crash and burn,

taking you down in flames with it.

By: Nicole Wilson

A lovely melody, a beautiful harmony, are you thinking of your favorite song? Or is your favorite song the eeriness of the night sky, a full moon night with a howl from behind? Here's a poem that might relate to you.

Secrets in the Music

The music in my soul will tell you the stories you don’t know,

Every verse is a secret my lips can't tell,

I find a piece of my past in every note,

The pain I feel is gone within a moment,

With every song comes an experience that others will never know,

Artists could write for hours and never write my feelings,

For my feelings have no words they are just endless temptations of evil,

The music is a tap on the window, a creak in the door, a sound of evil that never leaves me alone. By: Arianna Gallero

The Can Drive

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Lynx Basketball by Aubrey McDonald and Maddisen Clevenger

Basketball season started in the month of November. It was kicked off on Friday November 20th, 2015 by our basketball assembly. There are 2 girls and 2 boys teams. We interviewed Annie McFee and Chan'tice Phillips, both from girls A team. A team's status is 12 - 4. Chan'tice has been playing basketball for 3 years. Annie has been playing for 5 years. Since they started, they have always loved playing the game. Chan'tice states she loves playing basketball because, “It’s fun and keeps you in shape.” Annie stated that she loves playing basketball because, “It gives people a chance to come together as a team and work together most of the time. I also enjoy playing the game very much.” The season ended on a win.

Lynx Music by Gabby Ruffini and Bailey Kessler

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Anotha' Early Mornin'

For decades, students in elementary school have started later than students in middle and high schools. It has been this way since our current grade system began, but is it really correct? Most districts have their older students (6-12 grade) start around 7:30 am, an hour before elementary students start at 8:30, and society always assumed this is the right way to go, but it is not. Starting school later can give older students the sleep they need, and the physical well-being of these students will improve greatly because of the extra hour of sleep.

Older students are normally up much later than most elementary students, largely due to the greater amount of homework. Many students in high school often have over 2 hours of homework each night, and some are hard pressed to complete their assignments because of after school activities, such as sports, clubs, or prior commitments. They have a life of their own, whether they are getting help from a tutor, staying after class to talk with a teacher, or are part of a sports team. After the student finally gets home, they have time to eat and finally start their homework. Depending on the classes the student is enrolled in, they can have anywhere from two to six hours of homework each night. This can put students to sleep between 10 pm -12 am. This shows that older students get around 7 hours of sleep, compared to the 9-9 ½ hours of sleep that they need. So, how are these students catching up on lost sleep? Some students will take a nap in class, resulting in a series of events that will only push them downhill in terms of learning.

In contrast to the older students, elementary students come home, play with their friends, eat, do family chores, go to whatever sports practice they have (if any), and then would go to bed at 8/9:00, waking up around 7:15. This gives them somewhere between 10-11 hours of sleep. Although this is within the right area of where they should be sleeping, they’re getting an extra one to two hours of sleep due to their school’s start time and lack of homework. Elementary students could switch starting times with the older students who are missing an hour or two of their needed sleep, which they need for their difficult classes.

Teens who lack energy due to little sleep are affected in more than one way. For a start, they not only are more likely to fall asleep in class, but these teens will not remember facts anywhere near as well as the teens who are awake and have had a sufficient amount of sleep. Michael J. Breus (PhD) stated, “Sleep deprivation induces significant reductions in performance and alertness. Reducing your nighttime sleep by as little as one and a half hours for just one night could result in a reduction of daytime alertness by as much as 32%.” The extra hour the older students are missing causes problems within the students’ school lives, and it also has negative health effects. First off, receiving less than the recommended amount of sleep can lead to heart problems, including a higher risk of heart attacks, heart failure, high blood pressure, and heart failure. Schools do not want any harm to come to their students, so having middle and high school students start the school day later would be a good move.

Many people say that when kids and teens grow up they are going to most likely have jobs that start early in the morning, but many jobs are switching to later schedules, and most jobs actually start at a time that allows workers to get up at 7:00-7:30 am. Also, when a student enters college, they are able to influence what time their class is. Therefore, starting schools later can help prepare for students’ future job shifts as well as college and/or university, keep students healthier, and sleeping more is proven to add to a student’s alertness in class.

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