help my friends....

what is Cyber Bullying ?

Cyber bullying is bullying on the internet. For examples:
to spread rumors sent by emails or embarassing posts on social networks, to create fake profiles, to ly, to threaten someone...
Often, victims are cheldren. They feel sad and depressed. They can be very scared and hopeless because they do not dare talking to their parents or their friends.


Do you have a computer at home? Yes? So be carefull !!
Do you have an email adress ?
Have you got password ? Yes ? It's good because you can protect your privacy.
Do you use a social netwook ?
Do you have a facebook account ? Instagram ? Snapchat ?
Cyber Bullying: Public Health Promotion Video (UOIT)

Pieces of advice

You should always proctect your privacy because it's very important.
You should always stand up for the victims .
You should never gossip to someone because it is not nice.
Don't talk about at stranger because it is be carefull.
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