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From The Principal's Desk April 14, 2019


I hope you had a awesome weekend! It's Georgia Milestones testing week! Visits throughout the building will be limited this week. The building will be in testing mode throughout testing. Students will be testing throughout the day in various groups. Please be reminded to stop at the front desk during any visit to the school.

Remember the following testing tips:

byDerrick Meador

Updated January 05, 2018

Standardized testing will be a significant part of your child's education typically beginning in 3rd grade. These tests are crucial not only to you and your child, but also to the teachers, administrators, and school your child attends. The stakes can be extremely high for schools as they are given a grade based on how well students perform on these assessments. In addition, many states utilize standardized test scores as a component of a teacher's overall evaluation. Finally, many states have stakes tied to these assessments for students including grade promotion, graduation requirements, and the ability to receive their driver's license. These test-taking tips can be followed to assist your child to perform well on the test. Discussing the importance of these tests with your child will push them to do their best and following these tips can aid in their performance.

  1. Reassure your child that he or she does not have to answer all the questions correctly to pass. It is not expected that students answer every question correctly. There is always room for error. Knowing that they do not have to be perfect will help eliminate some of the stress that comes with testing.
  2. Tell your child to attempt to answer all of the questions and not to leave any blank. There is no penalty for guessing, and students can get partial credit on the open-ended items. Teach them to eliminate ones that they know are wrong first because it gives them a higher chance of getting the correct answer if they are forced to guess.
  3. Remind your child that the test is important. It sounds simple, but many parents fail to reiterate this. Most children will put forth their best effort when they know it is important to their parents.
  4. Explain to your child the importance of using time wisely. If your child gets stuck on a question, encourage him or her to make the best guess or place a mark in the test booklet by that item and go back to it after finishing that section of the test. Students must not spend too much time on a single question. Give your best attempt and move on.
  5. Ensure that your child gets a decent night's sleep and a good breakfast before taking the test. These are essential to how your child performs. You want them to be at their best. Failing to get a good nights rest or good breakfast can cause them to lose focus quickly.
  6. Make the morning of the test a pleasant one. Do not add to your child's stress. Do not argue with your child or bring up a touchy subject. Instead, try to do extra things that make them laugh, smile, and relax.
  7. Get your child to school on time the day of the test. Give yourself extra time to get to school that morning. Getting them there late will not only throw off their routine, but it could also disrupt testing for other students.
  8. Remind your child to listen carefully to the instructions from the teacher and to read the directions and each question carefully. Encourage them to read every passage and every question at least two times. Teach them to slow down, trust their instincts, and give their best effort.
  9. Encourage your child to stay focused on the test, even if other students finish early. It is human nature to want to speed up when others around you are already finished. Teach your child to start strong, stay focused in the middle, and finish just as strong as you started. Many students hijack their scores because they lose focus on the bottom third of the test.

It only gets busier as we end the school year, so check out our school webpage and weekly newsletters for more information on the great things happening at Wolf Creek ES.

Please check the school website often. We update the site regularly. The school calendar, handbooks, PTA and SGC information can be found there.

Thanks for all you do! Let's Go Wolves!

In Partnership,

Principal Glass

GMAS - Georgia Milestones Grades 3rd - 5th

Georgia Milestones is coming soon!

Our March Madness window has begun, Teachers in grades 3rd - 5th will embed a testing preparation and study session into their day each day. Their may be minor schedule changes to ensure all students get the necessary extra support and practice. Check with your child's teacher for more information.

Assessment Guides

EOG: http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Assessment/Pages/Georgia-Milestones-End-of-Grade-Assessment-Guides.aspx

Elementary Schools – Grade 3 : Grade 4 : Grade 5

Middle Schools – Grade 6 : Grade 7 : Grade 8

Study Resources

EOG: http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Assessment/Pages/EOG-Study-Resource-Guides.aspx

Elementary Schools – Grade 3 : Grade 4 : Grade 5

Middle Schools – Grade 6 : Grade 7 : Grade 8

Study at Home - Online Resources


Please find the resources below that are available for students to utilize at home.

School Resources- www.gaonlineexperience.com (Online practice for the Georgia Milestones Assessment-GMAS) 3rd-5th www.launchpad@fultonschools.org

(Coach Online- Program to build academic proficiency) 3-5th www.launchpad@fultonschools.org (Study Island- Program to build academic proficiency)

K-5th www.launchpad@fultonschools.org

(iRead and iReady-Adaptive program for targeted skills)

K-2 & K-5th

http://bit.ly/2GktO7r (Link to WCES academic resources to assist parents and students.)


Grade Level Resources-

5th Grade- Study Island and Coach online- posted on Dojo

4th Grade- Study Island and Coach Digital

3rd Grade-Study Island (math)- Coach Digital (Reading)

2nd Grade- iRead, iReady, and Moon Observation Log-posted on Dojo

1st Grade- iRead, and iReady, and Math Review-posted on Dojo

Kindergarten- iRead and iReady

How do I access each platform?

Study Island- Student should log in through Launchpad. Launchpad can be access from the Fulton County home page under “Parents and Students” should access through launchpad.

To log in, go to the following website: https://launchpad.classlink.com/fcs and sign in using this information: Username: School Student ID Password: Student Birthdate

-When you arrive to the app page after signing in, click on the study island icon.

-When you are on Study island, click the “My classes” tab in the upper left hand corner and then click your class name in order to view and complete all assignments. Coach

Online- To log in, go to the following website:

https://www .coachdigital.com/org/12168573 and sign in using this information:

Username: School Student ID Password: 123456

Giving Back to Those in Need

Join us in by showing your support by downloading the @Purposity app and select Fulton County. With this app we will be able to seek non-traditional support of all of our students in need.

Purposity finds those in need near you.

Would you help if a student in your child's class needed shoes or a family lost their home in a fire? We think so. Get one weekly notification, read their story and decide if you'll help right from your phone.

School Governance Council Elections Results

Congratulations to our newly elected members that will join the Wolf Creek School Governance Council!

Parent/Guardian Representatives

Cheri Ann Taylor

Erica Taylor

Teacher Representative

Chabrina Derrico

We are looking forward to an exciting year with our Council! Thanks so much for your willingness to serve.

Parents and teachers, thanks so much for your participation in the voting process! Your voice counts!

Increasing Literacy at WCES

Our 3rd Annual Reading Carnival is almost here! We would love for you, your family, your corporations and our community friends to come and join us!

When: May 3rd

Time: 9:00 Am - 2:00 PM

Guest readers - 20 minute reading spots available!

Go to your child's Fulton County Launchpad account:


Students still have a few weeks to check out books from our Media Center. The Media Center will close the last 2 weeks of school for inventory and summer close out.

Ask your child to check out books aligned to their Lexile Levels and complete Accelerated Reader quizzes at school.

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Please note your calendars:

College and Career Readiness! College SPIRIT Days! – One Tuesday a month, teachers and students will be able to sport their college gear to get the students PUMPED UP about going to college. Let's celebrate these days as an opportunity to educate our students about the college or university experiences.


April 23rd

May 14th

April 15th - 25th GMAS Administration Grades 3rd - 5th

April 26th Student Papers Go Home

April 29th PK - 1st Field Day

April 30th 4th - 5th Field Day

April 30th Title 1 Parent Input Meeting

May 1st 2nd - 3rd Field Day

May 3rd Reading Carnival

May 6th 10th Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7th Title 1 Parent Workshop Avoiding The Summer Slump

May 6th 10th GMAS Administration 4th Grade

May 14th Spring Chorus Concert and Magic Show

May 14th PK - 2nd Awards Day

May 15th 3rd - 4th Awards Day

May 16th 5th Grade Awards Day

(Please see the 5th itinerary, sent by 5th grade teachers, for all of the planned

EOY celebrations.)

May 23rd Last Day of School

Title 1 News - WOW! You ROCK!

YOU did it!! 100% Parent School compacts signed again! Way to go!

Thanks so much for your support.

Please don't forget to visit our Parent Resource Room. Open Daily!

***Sign up for Three For Me Volunteer program with our Parent Liaison, Ms. Sims!

Thanks for your support.

Wolf Creek Elementary PTA News

Thanks for your support of the the Annual fundraiser, the Fun Run Boosterthon! Your support matters. Join PTA on April 26th for free smoothies from 5-7 PM.

Planet Smoothies located at:

5370 Campbelton- Fairburn Road #220

Fairburn, GA 30213

Our mailing address is:
Wolf Creek Elementary PTA
4440 Derrick Road
Atlanta, GA 30349

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South Learning Community Meeting Schedule for Board Member/President Linda Bryant

Parents, please join us for our Community Meetings with our Board Member, President Linda Bryant.

August No Meeting

September - Monday, September 17 6:30 pm Camp Creek MS

October - Monday, October 15 6:00 pm Oakley ES

November - Monday, November 12 6:00 pm A Philip Randolph ES

December No Meeting

January - Tuesday, January 15 Joint w/ Kim Dove 6:00 pm Sandtown MS

February - Tuesday, February 19 6:00 pm Sandtown MS

March - Monday, March 18 6:00 pm Bear Creek MS

April - Monday, April 15 Joint w/Kim Dove 6:00pm Creekside HS

May - Monday, May 13 6:00 pm Westlake HS June No Meeting

June No Meeting

Safety First!

Thanks for working with us to ensure safety for the students.


While we understand the importance of birthdays, we cannot have individual birthday parties during the instructional day in the classroom. All student birthdays are recognized by the school through our morning announcements, birthday ribbons and/or tokens. In order to maximize instructional time and to minimize interruptions, your child can be recognized for his/her birthday during his/her lunch period only. One small treat such as pre-wrapped, store bought cupcakes or ice cream cups is acceptable. Please refrain from bringing food, party favors, balloons, large cakes, etc. Parents may contact your child's teacher to make arrangements for a small lunch treat.


The school cafeteria offers several choices of nutritional, well-balanced meals each day. In addition to the regular hot food lines, salads are available. Breakfast is served from 7:10 a.m. until 7:35 a.m. each school day.

Student cost for breakfast is: $1.05

Student cost for lunch is: $2.45

Adult cost for breakfast is: $1.55

Adult cost for lunch is: $3.45

Weekly purchases may be prepaid on Monday mornings or purchased on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to pre-pay for the week rather than on a daily basis. Students are not permitted to charge lunches more than three times. A student may charge again when the three charges are paid in full. ALL students must complete a new application within the first 30 days of school. Failure to so will result in irreversible charges to the student account.

Parents may sign up for online lunch payments at Visit www.MyPaymentsPlus.com

More information regarding Fulton County Schools’ Nutrition program can be found at: http://www.fultonschools.org/en/divisions/ops/Nutrition/Pages/default.aspx

You are welcome to join your child for lunch in the cafeteria at his/her scheduled lunch time. A visitor’s pass from the main office is required. If you would like to purchase a school lunch, the cost is $3.45 for adults. You may bring your child a lunch of your choosing. Outside restaurant packaging is not allowed in the cafeteria but you may choose to place items in a different container or have lunch in another designated area with your child. Due to the safety of all students and to avoid any allergic reactions, parents/guests may not bring or share any snacks or food items of any kind with other students.

Thanks for your support!

Our School Day Start/End Times

Thanks in advance for your support in ensuring that our students get to school each day on time and ready for instruction. Breakfast begins at 7:10 a.m. and ends at 7:35 a.m. daily so that we can ensure that students are in class on time to begin their instructional day. School instructional hours are from 7:40 a.m. —2:20 p.m. each day. Parents are asked to escort their children inside and sign them in if they are tardy. Help us protect the instructional day. Please limit early dismissal/check-outs. If needed, please do so before 2:00 PM. Remember keep your child’s pick up and emergency contacts updated and to sign in during each visit. ID is required for anyone visiting or checking your child our of school.

Wolf Creek Elementary School

Check out our school website for our school calendar and school updates.

Dionne C, Glass, Principal


A. Nicole Canty, Assistant Principal