Peer pressure essay

Daniel pfeil

Negitave peer pressure

If your child was being pressured into doing bad things at school, what would you do? Many kids have lost their good reputation to peer pressure and are no longer... "normal"

Peer pressure can affect students' reputations and get them into trouble. Many kids are pressured into doing illegal drugs and getting into trouble. Most of the time when this happens, kids are just trying to fit in by taking drugs. The other part of negative peer pressure is that kids want to be popular and make friends by doing bad things. People believe that kids should try to make friends that aren't impressed by things that are inappropriate/illegal and more like you so you don't even have to try to impress them. Peer pressure affects students reputations.

Pressure from peers can affect students reputations. This can happen because if a student gets caught doing something illegal or inappropriate in school, it will most likely be spread around the school and become popular in a bad way. Studies have shown that stories about kids spread within a matter of 24 hours throughout almost any given school. Most likely that child will be continually labeled for what they did. Peer pressure can affect students' reputations permanently.

Most people have said that peer pressure can also be good and help children's grades, but that's not entirely true. When was the last time you've seen kids cheering on for some other kid to do their homework? You haven't, because kids want to be popular and make friends and not be alone.

Peer pressure is mostly negative because it causes teens to make bad decisions. Pressure from peers is slowly becoming more and more drastic. In order to help our children not fall to peer pressure, we should teach them early what is expected of them no matter the situation.