Exploring Toronto

By: Brandon Ngo

Observations in Toronto

Toronto is a huge city and the capital of Ontario that has everything from shopping to having offices where people work. Toronto is really different from Mississauga, First of all Mississauga is much smaller than Toronto also we don't have as much commercial land use. Most of the land in Mississauga is more residential use. Secondly, In Mississauga we don't have as much public transportation and more of us own cars because in Toronto everything is much closer together and in walking distance or close enough to just take a street car or subway to the location, but in Mississauga everything is much farther apart and the only public transportation that we have is by bus. Finally, in Toronto there is much more people for example maybe in a certain area you can only build 4- 6 houses that would maybe house about 15 people but if you build a huge condo that would house over 400 people. That is why Toronto has such a bigger population.

What I learned on the trip

On the trip I learned how much of a different life style people have that live in a city. People that live in Toronto tend to do more activities because there is so much more to do. Especially if you are in school because you would want to explore the big city but if you were in a college of university in a much smaller city you would focus more on your studies because there is not as much to do. I also learned that there are different places in the city that have a much different community but you are still in the same city for example the location that we were dropped off in had more family owned businesses but if you go more into the downtown core you will find more bigger businesses such as Tim hortons or Starbucks. Another thing that I learned on the trip was that Toronto is crowded because there are a lot of people that live and work in Toronto or just coming for a visit and if many of them come at the same time Toronto starts to get really crowded.

What you will find in Toronto

This video shows what you would see and find in Toronto.
An Introduction to Toronto, Canada