Take a trip with Teresa

My favorite places of all time! :)

Are you a fan of mine?

If you are a fan of me and want to fallow in my footsteps then come with me. Let me show you my top three favorite places in the whole wide world while you can. :)

Wood lake nature center

When you think of going somewhere you most likey think " i'm going to spend money" but at woodlake it's free so don't need to worry about this one. This is my favorite place to go to take my mind off every situation that's going on in my life no matter the season it is and no matter how small the situation is. Nature lovers this might be your favorite part of the vacation package. Also we may bump into each other while you are there, if you are lucky. :)

New York City :)

They call it "The city that never sleeps" and I can tell you why they call it that but where would the fun be in that? I would rather have you go there and experience it for yourself. Live like it was the last in that huge city and have no regrets if you're single. Parents who have children this is also a huge opportunity to go and explore that states most famous landmarks and learn about different cultures within the city who's population is more than 1 million. I promise you'll fall in love with city with it's amazing lights that never turn off.


You have heard of six flags, haven't you? Well valleyfair is like a six flags but in minnesota which is a total bonus for minnesota. I would go here like mostly every summer when school was done with my friends until it was closing time. It's a great way to pass time when you're bored. My favorite ride at valleyfair is the wild thing be sure to go on it if you're not afraid of heights. Enjoy it while you're there take lots of pictures so you'll remember who fun that day was.

Have a great voyage

I sincerely hope that you find these places enjoying as much as I did when I was younger, If you did then come back and visit these places again.

- Teresa