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Season #12 of Diva's and Dudes trail running team

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Orange County/Los Angeles Based Training Group for Trail Running of All Level's
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Dirt Diva's and Dude's Winter 2019

Are you loving the trails? Finding it hard to meet other people to run with? Afraid to run alone on the trails? Not sure how to train or even prepare for a trail race or Ultra Marathon properly? Or are very experienced, and just looking for a team setting to train with? Then this team is for you! Together all season long we will train as a team. Through camaraderie, hard work, and my one on one guidance we will have a blast training together. As a team we will practice together two Saturday's a month, and run 100% on trails throughout Los Angeles, and Orange County. We will change up our weekend practice locations, and it will always be on trails. Routes will be marked. You will also get a week to week, and day to day training schedule for the entire 20 week season. All levels are welcome as you quickly will develop life lasting friendships and running partners to share the miles with. You will learn everything there is to know about the trail running world, and what it takes to successfully make it to the finish line of an 100M, 50Mile, 50K, or 30k trail race. This team has all levels, and experienced ultra runners are strongly encouraged to join.

Through the course of 18 weeks we will train and practice together as a team two Saturday's a month. I will add in a third practice a month a few times throughout the season. We will never practice on holiday weekend's. You will be guided by me with a full day to day, and weekly calendar/training schedule for the entire training season. Together as a team we will be training for a trail race in the early Spring.

All weekend team practices will be ran on trails, and the routes marked. My incredibly vast knowledge of the hundreds of miles of trails throughout Los Angeles and Orange County means we will run on different trails throughout the season. Through the Season we will also have guidance on nutrition, guidance on what to eat and drink while running long distance, and how to get the correct fuel for these long runs.

Already done your first 50k, 50 miler, 100k or 100Miler? Then join us anyways! We love mentors and experienced men and women to join our team. Any, and all levels are welcomed. It will be months of memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.


Cost for the entire 18 week season is $200 dollars. You may also have one on one coaching along with being on the team for an additional cost of $150 for the entire season. Please specify if you would like to add this option. The season starts Nov 16th 2019, and ends March 14th, 2020. Please keep in mind I try very hard to have the weekend team practices at different locations. You will be driving sometimes to trailheads not near your house. You are NOT required to come to every practice. Most long runs over 16 miles will have an aid station managed by me. The weekly training schedule I give you will be followed on your own. Keira Henninger's Email: