artist,youtuber, lifelong explorer ,tech guru

About Me!

I am a residant in northeast nebraska i've been living here since i was young.

I have the most loving parent anyone could ask for my mother and i guess my step dad i live in a nice big house with my mom and step dad and the two fluffy pets my dog millie and my black cat onyx panther. I used to live on a farm before my dad passed we had serval cats and dogs and serval strays but now we live in town we still have a horse though and i enjoy horse back riding being with my friends,reading, swimming, and gaming with friends.

I grew up in hoskins but i moved to norfolk when my dad passed away.

I am in junior high coming close to go to the high school

I love to make videos on youtube not just for "fame" just for fun its fun just to make the videos and edit them but when im not making videos im most likely drawing or using digital art if im not doing that im reading or swimming but i think im more of a tech guru then anything else other then being an outdoors type i love nature.