Ms. Mac's Memos

Week of April 21st

Mission & Vision

Park Street Mission:

We Learn. We Grow. We Thrive.

Park Street Vision:

Our vision is to provide a collaborative foundation for successful learning and living through:

P- Positive Experiences

S- Supporting all students

E- Engaging with the community and creating

S- Students of excellence

Week at a Glance


  • MAP Testing begins
  • Milestones Testing


  • MAP & Milestones Testing


  • MAP & Milestones Testing
  • Phonics testing


  • MAP & Milestones Testing
  • Phonics testing
  • Kwanis Awards Luncheon


  • MAP & Milestones Testing
  • Student placement data cards due

Upcoming Events

May 4th- Park Street 75th Anniversary Gala

May 6th-10th- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7th- Final SILT meeting

May 8th, 9th, & 10th- Class placement meeting days

May 10th- Dance and PTA meeting 3:45-5:30

May 21st- Board Meeting honoring Stone Bridge Church for their classroom library donations


Just a reminder, If you haven't done so already, please send me a picture of yourself for our school's website.


Moving Classrooms...

CO will be providing boxes for us to help teachers that need to move rooms. I will let you know when they have arrived.


During Testing...

Please remind students to remain quiet during testing. You all have done such a great job monitoring students and teaching our kiddos to manage their own behaviors. Keep up the great work!

Student Placement/Data Card reminders...

Just a reminder, please turn in your student placement cards by Friday! Please put cards in my mail box.

On May 8th, 9th, & 10th we will be meeting to build classes for students. We will try and pre-place students so the process will go easier during placement meeting days.

Testing Examiners and Proctors...

If you are a testing examiner or proctor, don't forget to stop by the conference room each morning before testing for a special treat.


Coaches' Corner

Say Something Guided Reading Strategy

See the blog and get the file here:

Big picture


Summer School...

Summer School information packets are due back by Friday. So far we have 21 students registered. Please help us get the last few applicants in by sending reminders to parents of the students you haven't heard back from yet.

Teachers' Corner...

Submit a story, success, aha! moment, funny, photo, announcement, etc. that you would like us all to know about. Email it to me and I will put it in the newsletter.


Staff Shout Outs...

1. Aimee Bryant

Thank you for all your support in K2! I appreciate all the time you have taken to create resources for me!

2. Ms. Langdon

I love the way you encouraged your students the first day of testing! I could tell you really love and care for them!

3. Alex and Ashley

Thank you for a smooth testing roll out!

4. 3rd and 5th grade testing teachers and proctors

You guys are the gurus of test monitoring! You are very attentive and care so much about your students!

5. Ivonne Rivera

Thank you for your help with the new books!

6. Mr. Orr

Thank you so much for helping me deliver the new books!

7. Liz Powell

Thank you for hosting an observer on Thursday! You are amazing!

8. Mrs. Varner

Great job making sure our technology was ready for testing!

9. Ms. Welch

Thank you for all of your hard work! You have done so many things for the staff and students at PS in such a short time. You are a rock star!!

10. Ms. Worley & Ms. Welch

Thank you for all of your help coming up with great things for our website. You did a fantastic job with the descriptions for our academics‘ page.

11. Ms. Bagwell, Mr. Soto, & Ms. Varner

You have done an amazing job with testing! Thank you for making it easier for me to #stayinmylane