sri lanka



Even though this is a small island, Sri Lanka has a lot of wildlife including about 440 species of birds, 242 species of butterflies, 5 primate species, 92 species of mammals, 117 species of dragonfly ,190 reptiles of which 98 species are of snakes, 102 species of amphibian ,107 species of fish!

Were It Is

Sri Lanka is a small island, in the Laccadive Sea ,near Tamil Nadu. Colombo is the captible of Sri Lanka. Sir Lanka is about the size of Tasmania.


Sri Lanka is ran by a Republic government. It is officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.


1505-1948 - between this time The Portuguese, the Dutch and the British all invaded the island. However, in 1948 Sri Lanka gained British independence peacefully. The name Sri Lanka, meaning "resplendent island", was given to the island.

in 2009 a 26 year long war between liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the government ended.


There is roughly 20.4 million people living in Sri Lanka. Most of them live in the southwest and the centre of the island.


In Sri Lanka it is free to go to school, but because they need to buy book and some parents can't afford them, those kids miss out on school. Others miss out because they are needed at home. 90% of adults can read and write meaning the kids that can't go to school can be home schooled.