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18 February, 2016

This week in 1D

Hello 1D families,

Valentine's Day celebrations, Read week and the end of a Writing unit made for another huge week in 1D. As always, you can find some of the evidence in this week's photo folder. Big thanks go out to Ms Kristin, Dr Hawkins, Miss Lana and Miss Mindy who all shared one of their favorite books with 1D this week. The kids (including me) really enjoyed it, and are really grateful for their time and efforts. Thanks to the parents who generously provided food for our Valentine's Day celebrations this week as well. The support you all gave your children with the writing of the wonderful cards also contributed to them having a precious time of sharing with each other.

From a teacher's perspective, this week also featured very engaging and helpful Professional Development. Writing expert, Mr. Matt Glover, provided staff with targeted training and helpful insights into the craft of teaching writing. I am looking forward to trying some new ideas I have learnt from him as we begin the new unit in Writing next week.

Beginning next week, we shift our focus in writing to students expressing their own opinions. See below for more details, and please have your child dress up in their favorite outfit on Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend.


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Coming Events in 1D and LES


February 23 - 2nd Grade Concert

February 26 - Friendship Festival


March 10 - Trimester 2 Ends

March 17 - Report Cards sent home electronically

March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day and Shamrock Shamble

March 25-April 4 - Spring Break

Opinion Writing - please take note

Students will need to come to school prepared for new the new writing unit this week. The focus of this writing unit is Opinions, so the tasks that follow will help students focus on thinking about and expressing their opinions:

  • Sunday - Favorite Outfit: Students dress in their favorite outfit (pajamas, jeans, dresses, business suits, football team, etc.).
  • Monday - Favorite Soft toy: Students bring a favorite soft toy to school as a focus for discussing opinions.

Friendship Festival

Don't forget, we can now say that the long awaited Friendshp Festival is happening next weekend! That is exciting news to a 7 year old!

Check this link for more details!

Writing Unit 5: Opinion Writing

“Teachers need to carve out opportunities to have young students’ voices heard. And heard early.” (Sarah Picard Taylor)

Dear Parents,

Anyone who has ever worked with children or has children of their own has likely been witness to their seemingly innate ability to have an opinion. This unit is an opportunity to mine children’s ability to use persuasive language whilst expanding their writing experiences. Opinion writing empowers children to discover that their lives are full of reasons to write persuasively and effect change. Be prepared for your passionate writer to take action! Students will also be sharing their opinions with others through letter writing. During this unit, your child will be immersed in minilessons that focus on how writers: find topics that they have strong opinions about, write with purpose for a selected audience, provide evidence for their opinions, and revise and edit for readers to make sure their writing is easy to read.

The following standards are being addressed in this unit of study:

  • Standard 4 - Students will write with clarity and logic on a wide range of topics

    for a variety of purposes and audiences.

  • Standard 5 - Students will use grammatical and mechanical conventions in


  • Standard 6 - Students will demonstrate competence in the general skills and

    strategies of the writing process.

  • Standard 7 - Students will use speaking and listening skills to communicate


  • Standard 8 - Students will deliver coherent, well-focused presentations

    appropriate for a variety of audiences and purposes.

Parent Teaching Tips:
  • Write a letter to a family member or friend (model letter writing format)
  • The next time your child asks you for something, ask your child to support their request by providing reasons!


Grade 1 Team

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Big Idea: Comprehension continued

- Asking Questions

- Compare and contrast nonfiction books on the same topic


Big Idea: New Unit - 'Opinion Writing'

Essential Questions

  • What is an opinion?
  • Why are opinions important?
  • Where can writers find topics for opinion writing?
  • How do writers use evidence to support their thinking?
  • How can writing partners be helpful?


Big Ideas:

Review week - make sure concepts from the current unit are solid


Big Idea:

- Students will learn about what animals eat and how they obtain their food.