Early Georgia

Get Rich On Land

Why Was Georgia Founded

Georgia was founded because England was afraid Spain was about to expand Florida's boarder northward. Also a group of English men lead by James Oglethorpe wanted a place where it was safe for debtors of England.

Who Founded Georgia

Georgia was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe and a group of English men.

Geography Of Georgia

Georgia was near a coastal area called Tidewater.Tidewater was a flat, lowland, swampy area where there was a warm climate and good soil, perfect for farming. Witch made growing seasons very long.

Economics Of Georgia

Georgia makes lots of money on farming crops. They grow rice ,indigo ,tobacco, sugarcane ,and cotton. They farmed these crops on large plantations with the help of slaves.

Georgia's Government

In Georgia people elected the assembly and the king appointed the governor. The right to vote was only given to freemen and that had a certain amount of land. This makes it so slaves, women, men with a little amount of land and children not able to vote.

Georgia's Religious Beliefs

Most Englishmen colonist went to a meeting house. People sat on hard wooden benches in the meeting house for most of the day. Going to church was a very important event back then, people thought it should be an all day event.