Life in America

Welcome to America!!!

Hi and welcome to America! America is a nice country with lots of exciting adventures.When you visit America you might here about the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon are some big canyons who stretch all the way from Northwest of to North of Arizona.Living in America is a lot of fun and excitment.In this poster I will talk about how it is to live in America and what are bad and good things.


Crestview is a great School.

It is a international School. You will find People from all over the world.

In School we learn Math, Spanish, Sports, English, Computers and Science.

It's a lot of fun!!!


Iowa is a great state to live in.

Iowa is famous for having the " HAWKEYES" a realy good Football Team.

This state is in the midlle of the country. Iowa is also famous for the corn they grow.

It's just fun to live in Iowa!!!

Here are tow Videos I want to Show to you.

Connect in Des Moines.wmv
Grand Canyon National Park

Boy scouts

The Boy Scouts are so called " Pfadfinder" .I'm one of the members of the Scouts. my pack is 208.We do cool stuff like building and starting Rockets!we also camp a lot and have so much fun!Many of my American friends are in Boy Scouts.Boy Scouts is a lot of fun!!!

My self made Monsters INC. cake!!!

Thanks for reading and watching my Flyer.

It took me 1week to wirte it!

the hardest part was to put in the Pictures.

I hope you like my Flyer!!!