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Publication 19: 1/6/2020

Gompers journey...#180daysofwhy..#students

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Sooooooo excited to be back with Team Gompers continuing our work to serve Gompers Gators. I hope you had an amazing Holiday Season with family and loved ones but also took time for self-care of the mind, body, and spirit.

2020 is here and I am renewed with vigor and vitality on my WHY and PURPOSE as an educator and leader. As we prepare to enter the success gates for our next two-thirds of the school year. I challenge you to remain "daily" in the presence of your WHY and focus it toward maximizing student achievement outcomes.

As you return this week with your students, it is important that we let them know how much they were missed during the winter break as we continue to foster a "Warm and Demanding Spirit" (LBUSD U6) with all of our students as many of them will be happy to return to see all of you.

At this week's staff meeting we will continue our work and study with Webb's Depth of Knowledge. Please bring your plan book for January 6-8, 2020 as we will use this to examine daily learning intentions in connection with DOK levels to instruction and tasks. Lastly, please bring your "WHY" placard that you wrote at our opening staff meeting on August 27.

Please let Ms. Frank or I know how we can support you.

See yah Monday!


Dr. Miller

#Readyfor2020possibilities, #thisiswhywedothis, #students are our why, #180daysofwhy

If Gompers teachers engage in standards-based instruction with increasingly higher levels of DOK (Depth of Knowledge) tasks and provide opportunities for collaborative work, then students will think critically and strategically, which will positively impact their conceptual understanding and transferable skills.

Week in review in #GATORNATION!!!

It's the New Year...Engage your students in goal setting activities in which they reflect on past efforts and attainment to establish clear SMART goals that support enhanced success outcomes.

Purposeful and Focused Learning Intentions - What, Why and How..... helps to provide clarity to the daily learning intention.

As we begin this new year, I wanted to remind you about the importance of What, Why, and How, both at the beginning of the lesson AND AT THE END of the lesson. I have noticed the focus at the beginning of the lesson but wanted to refresh the importance of wrapping up the lesson with the purpose of the days learning.

Yes, yes, yes...I completely understand that not all lessons end in a perfect package of 42 minutes. With that being said, it is imperative that we end the day's learning by saying: we were engaged with learning "x" and the reason this is important or will help us tomorrow will be "y". We can not just leave the learning hanging; we have to wrap up the lesson and present closure to support connection for the next day.

Also, it is important that learning supports such as SSR, Buddy Reading, Quadrant review, Language Wal, Shared Reading, etc. do not become "activities that we do" without students knowing the why. WHY is crucial to making connections to the STANDARD and applying it in varied /unknown situations when applicable.

Lastly, daily learning intentions are not for me to see on the board/wall - they are for students to make connections... therefore use them for that purpose and you will begin to see student learning outcomes increase toward the expected grade-level standards.

IAB Assessment Analysis...Took the Assessment Now What???

The data is now available on your LROIX personal dashboard for you to peruse and begin to make meaning of student strengths and areas od stretch to meet the end of grade-level proficiency standards.

How to examine the data:

Schedule for MS School(in development Vaughn/Vo)

Schedule for 3rd:

Schedule for 4th (in development)

Schedule for 5th:

65 days before the official SBAC testing window opens.

Culture and Climate

As they say in "school achievement increases" its ALL about..Relationships, Relationships, Relationships! (LBUSD U6)

GFS: G R E E N Trait of Month is Ethics

Below are resources to possibly use throughout the month with your classes:


Lesson Plan w/ resources and video (3-8):

Read Aloud Books - Picture Books

Bang, Molly. When Sophie Gets Angry-Really, Really Angry. 1998. 40p. Preschool-Gr. 3.

Brown, Laurene Krasny, and Marc Brown. How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them. Preschool-Gr. 3.

Coles, Robert. The Story of Ruby Bridges. Illus. K- Gr. 4.

Fearnley, Jan. Mr. Wolf's Pancakes. 2000. 32p. Little Tiger, Preschool-Gr. 3.

Freyman, Saxton, and Joost Elffers. How Are You Peeling?: Foods with Moods.
Preschool-Gr. 2.

Hausman, Bonnie. A to Z Do You Ever Feel Like Me?: A Guessing Alphabet of Feelings, Words, and Other Cool Stuff. Preschool-Gr. 3.

Jack and the Beanstalk. Retold by Ann Keay Beneduce. Illus. by Gennady Spirin. Preschool-Gr. 3.

McKissack, Patricia. The Honest-to-Goodness Truth. Illus. by Giselle Potter. K- Gr. 3.

Polacco, Patricia. The Butterfly. Gr. 1-4.

Polacco, Patricia. Pink and Say. Gr. 1-4.

Scieszka, Jon. The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. Gr K-4

Seuss, Dr. The Butter Battle Book. 1984. Gr Tk - 3

Goinggggg G-R-E-E-N "Reboot/Review" & GFS Assemblies - January 6 & 7

Anytime that we return from an extended break three things should happen as a Safe and Civil School:

1. GFS Expectations Assemblies

2. Teachers to revisit G-R-E-E-N in their classroom "sounds like/looks like", each guideline for 5-8 minutes, one per day

3. Review data with students regarding how they are doing in relation to GREEN expectations assembly and goals/next steps

Assembly Schedule(s)

Attendance, Suspensions, D & F Rate.........

"Doughnut" be Absent in December = 28 Dozen donuts were given away to 336 students K-8

(No Early Outs, No tardies, No absences(exc/unx)

Attendance: SW - 96.70 (overall for 5 months)

Attendance Grade Highest: 3rd (97.1%) & 8th(97.8%)

Attendance Grade Concerns: K (93.5%), 1(94.4%), 4(94.5%) & 5 (94.85%)

Suspensions for Month 5: 6

Suspension Areas: Bullying (2), Tobacco/ECig (3) Theft(1)

D & F Rate:

School Loop Grades: 43% or 123 students with a D and or F

School Loop Grades 23 students with 4 D's and F's and 19 students with 5 D's and F's

19-20 Data and Assessments.....

Assessment Calendars...Don't fall behind

Preliminary data indicates a positive trajectory in student achievement results.

Please ensure that there is ongoing cyclical review opportunities connected to the EOY "cognitive demand/problem solving" of the standards assessed.

Math Units

1st Grade Unit 3-- Testing Window Opens Dec. 2

2nd Grade Unit 3 – Opens Nov. 18

3rd Grade Unit 3 – Opens Nov. 19

4th & 5th Grade Unit 3 – Opens Dec. 9

6th & 6ACC - Opens Nov. 7

7th - Opens - Nov. 15

7ACC - Opens - Nov. 7

8th - Opens - Nov. 7

ALG - Opens - Dec. 13

ELA Synergy Assessment

Grades 2-8 Unit 2 Oct. 21-Dec.2 (5 wks)

Window Opens on Nov. 18 and Closes Jan. 14


If a student is absent, please ensure that they have taken the assessment upon return.

If you need to "reopen" an assessment window - please follow these directions from Daro in Research:

Teachers now have the ability to re-open exams if students prematurely closed it out. They can head back into the Student Access screen and find the student's name and change the “completed” status to “unlock.” Takes less than a minute to do!

Here’s a quick handout and video.

Rapid Assessment Administering #2 and How to progress monitor CORE 5 Data

Jan.7th - Feb.21st. - Assessment Window #2 for RAPID

How might you use the CORE 5 Data to support "focused" small group instruction opportunities? Click the link for a data process:

All Tk-5 Teachers - Register for the Upcoming RAPID Courses #3 & #4 in myPD

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K-5, Support with NGSS Science Standards via Engineering is Elementary Kits

EiE Science kits will be delivered to your rooms this week.

What are the kits for?

Orders were placed for Engineering is Elementary kits for all ETK/TK/K teachers to supplement their NGSS instruction.

How did we get the kits for use?

The kits have been processed through our Textbook Services/OCIPD

Is there any training opportunity?

While no formal training is planned, should a teacher have any questions on how to use the kits, please refer them to our Science Office at ext. 2963 (Eric Brundin, Curriculum Lead; Gina Rae Stolpestad, Coach) for assistance.

How to begin to understand the EiE program w/Engineering Videos:

Getting Started:

Spotlight Videos and Resources:

Additional Video Resources:

School Leadership...........


Safe and Civil:

Training to Recreation Team for Referral System & Playground Rules


1st meeting - January 7 @ 8:00

Agenda - Elections of officers, Change of Leadership progress monitoring (12/19)

Education Celebration


Meeting 1/14 Agenda

Minutes 12/3

Be in the Know.....

New Help Desk Ticketing System -

The Technology and Information Services Branch has modernized their Help Desk to make it easier for you to create and submit tickets, enabling them to provide you service quickly and efficiently. They have also added features that allow you to track the status of your open issues and obtain real-time updates as work is performed.

Click video to watch process: 666d0

2020-21 - Job Sharing Information and "Annual" Druthers Survey

LBUSD Job Sharing Information -

Annual - Druthers Survey - Due January 24, 2019

Classroom Chromebook Management Tips

Management Tips:

- Assign each student a specific CHROMEBOOK that they will use on a daily basis.

- Keep a list of your students and the number CHROMEBOOK that they have been assigned.

- CHROMEBOOK should be assigned a number and go back to its numbered carrel charging station each day.

- Stand next to students when they are removing CHROMEBOOKS from the cart.

- Develop a traffic flow and routine of how students come up to get their CHROMEBOOK. each student should carry their CHROMEBOOK with two hands.

- Keep food and drinks away from the CHROMEBOOKS.

- Remind students not to write or lean on the CHROMEBOOK while they are on their desks.

- Ensure that students do not lift the CHROMEBOOK by the monitor.

- Walk around the room and monitor students they are working on the CHROMEBOOKS. **This is not a time for teachers to be at their desk grading papers**

- Remind students of lack of privacy with district-provided Google account

- Use CTRL + H to review the browsing history of a student on a CHROMEBOOK

- Report any damage immediately to the LBUSD

- Keep the CHROMEBOOK cart locked when not in use.

Adjunct Duty

Click the embedded link to view

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Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.

January 2020

1/6 - School Resumes - Welcome Back and Welcome 2020!!!!

1/6 - GFS Assemblies for ES - See Schedule

1/6 - Master Schedule "subcommittee" @ 3:30pm

1/7 - GFS Assemblies for MS - See Schedule

1/8 - SDM Meets

1/8 - 7:45 ILT

1/9 - Staff Collaboration - Library

1/9 - PTA @ 6:00pm - Library

1/11 - Kindergarten Festival @ Dooley Festival

1/13 - Master Schedule "subcommittee" @ 3:30

1/16 - Staff Collaboration - Grade Level

1/23 - Staff Collaboration - Band Meeting (ILT Members Lead)

1/25 - Education Celebration