Computer Engineering

My future career!

The Dream

My name is Ian Gunter and I love computers and everything with technology. I have a passion for Video Games and using technology. At first when I was little I always imagined being a Paleontologist, finding dinosaurs and digging them up! Later I realized it would be cool to maybe start my own company that had something to do with Gaming or Computers. Now my dream has become bigger and I have made plans for the future and a Computer company. I dream of having a small building about the size of a Radio Shack that would hold any supplies for people interesting in getting parts for their technology, I would also definitely have a lounge area for people to hang out during hours. The biggest part however would be our on call geeks who would be able to come to your house or take your technology delivered in store and fix issues you may have for a reasonable price. In a way I would have a small version of Best Buy that would be large in the business of fixing computers. So in order to fulfill my dreams I will have to know simple marketing and business skills but mainly I will need to have skills with Computer Engineering and possibly programming as well.

But wait, there's more!

What would a life in my future career be like?

I would be the owner of the company and store but I would also be my own employee with everyone else. Along with the main job being to help people with their main hardware issues, me and my team on tech support would be able to assist anyone in need with software issues as well.

The store management alone would be good paying and right now the yearly wage for a computer engineer ranges from about $85,000-$100,000 a year. I would need a prior degree in Computer engineering and Programming, but some skills that would be necessary include; Communication, Advanced knowledge of computers, People skills, Basic business and marketing knowledge, and easy transportation(drivers license & car). Classes in school that would be helpful are Mathematics, Advanced Computer Engineering, Computer Programming, Keyboarding, Advanced Computer Networking, and Business and Marketing.