The Archives War

by zachary hornack

Mexico didn't agree with the Texas independence. Recognition from the U.S president Andrew Jackson had sent an agent, the agents name is Henry morfit. Angelina Eberly led the Archievs war. The month September 1842 mexico invaded Texas again. The archives ended with the documents onto wagons back in Austin. 1400 soldiers and their general Adrian Woll captured San Antonio. The spring of 1842, a Mexican force under general Rafel Vasquez decided to step into Texas. The 700 soldiers of Vasquez attacked San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. when Mexican troops decided to invade, many Texans started to panic. President Sam Houston ordered that the government archives, or records, will be withdrawn from the capital. many of the Texas militia and Texas rangers made their way into San Antonio. the Texas militia attacked woll's force at Salado Creek which is several miles from San Antonio. President Sam Houston sent James Pickney Henderson to Europe to try to gain recognition for Texas because of the concerns of the U.S expansion. Many of the European nations wanted Texas to stay independent. September 1839 France recognized Texas becoming the first European Country to do so.