Incest, Kinship, Blood, Sexuality

Matt, Billy, Ben, Alex

"With such dexetelity to incestous sheets! It is not, nor it cannot come to good" (I/I/13).

This quote means that with such speed that his mother married his uncle, it seemed like incest because she slept with Hamlet and Claudius. He thinks it cannot come to good because she remarried so fast and Claudius took her and the crown through corruption. This relates to our theme that corruption only makes things worse in the end by Hamlet showing that he see's what Claudius has done and see's his mother's hasty marriage with Claudius.

"With blood of fathers, mothers, daughters and son, backed and impasted with the parching streets" (ii,ii,1512).

Hamlet's obsession with death is embodied in the reoccuring motiff of blood. blood is a symbol of life, death and family connections. The reffrence of fathers, mothers, daughters and sons shows Hamlet's discomfort regarding his family. Hamlet's disaproval with his family relates back to the theme that corruption only makes things worse in the end. Hamlet knows of the corruption of King Claudius and Gertrude, and this makes him behave differently.

"Blest are those
Whose blood and judgment are so well commingled
That they are not a pipe for Fortune's finger
To sound what stop she please."


In this quote, Hamlet is talking to Horatio and telling him why he admires him. Again we see Shakespeare's reference to blood; in this case, blood symbolizes life- pure and honest, like Horatio. "Fortune's finger" is a personification

"Here, thou incestous, murd'rous, damned Dane, drink of this potion! Is thy union here? Follow my mother. King dies" (V/2/3982).

Shakespeare shows how corruption has affected the play, all of the main characters have died except for Horatio, and they are all by their own hand. Hamlet has finaly avenged his father by killing his murderous and incestous uncle.

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