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June 2, 2023 - Issue No. 36

Inspire, Create and Grow a Community of Lifelong Learners

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Greetings SRES Families!

It's hard to believe it's already June! Although just 10.5 days of school remain, there is lots of learning to take place!

Kindergartens facilitated our All School Meeting this morning and boy was it fun! We sang Ba Ba Black Sheep, engaged in a Peanut Butter Cup activity, and did mindfulness drawings. Our 3rd grade earned the Quiet Cat Award (ask your student what this is all about!)!

Today, teachers met with Deb Kardane (Director of Curriculum and Innovation) and Shelley Wilson (MTSS Coordinator) to review spring data and plan for next year. Your student's spring data will be included in their report card on June 20th.

SRES Family Survey:

  • We value your feedback! Please take a moment to complete our family survey.
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  • Thank you!

Next week:

  • Artist in residence, Mark Ragonese, will be working with students to create puzzle murals that capture our core values and the seasons! We will have the finished art on display during our End-of-Year BBQ. Please be sure to ask your student about their experience.

End-of-Year Events:

  • Week of June 5th: Artist in residency: Mark Ragonese; Puzzle Murals!
  • June 12th: Special surprise!
  • June 15th: Field Day! (rain date: June 16th)
  • June 19th: NO School; Juneteenth
  • June 20th: Early Release; LAST DAY OF SCHOOL; Report cards go home
  • 10:00am: 4th Grade Moving Up Ceremony (4th-grade families invited!)
  • 11:00am: All School Family BBQ/Picnic (please RSVP by June 9th if you'd like to attend the BBQ)
  • 11:45am: Dismissal

Have a fabulous weekend!

Your partner in education,

Laura Hazard

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Mrs. Stephanie Fuller

We made it to June! During SEL this month we will be going outside when the weather permits to complete team challenges that work on many skills such as following directions, cooperation, using a growth mindset, and much more! Here are some photos of first and second graders working together to create a marble run. Ask your child what materials were used to complete this challenge.

All Kindergarteners have had the chance to participate in a lunch bunch with me and a few of their classmates!

I also want to let families know that I will not be returning to SRES next year. I have decided to pursue a career outside of school counseling. I appreciate your support over the past 7 years. I will be sharing this news with students next week during SEL classes.

Have a great weekend!


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Last Friday we ran our practice 5k. Everyone finished and did great! Our team “costumes” have been ordered and have been delivered. Those will be handed out the morning of the 5k in Manchester. Please be sure you review the information packet being sent home with your student after today's practice. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Girls should arrive between 8:15/8:30 wearing their GOTR tee-shirt and comfortable running shoes. Don’t forget a water bottle!!! This event is RAIN OR SHINE.
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  1. PROTECT: Avoid areas where ticks live, use EPA-registered tick repellents, and cover up.

  1. CHECK: Don't let ticks hitchhike inside and check your whole body.

  1. REMOVE: Remove attached ticks as soon as you can.

  1. WATCH: Watch for symptoms and tell your provider if you get sick.

Please visit the Vermont Department of Health for more information at:



If your child is sick and going to be absent, we ask that you notify the school by calling the main office at 802-869-2637.

Illnesses (please read)

If your child is sick (fever greater than 100.4, vomiting and/or diarrhea) it is imperative that you keep your child home. Your child can return to school 24 hours once they are fever free (without the use of fever reducing medication) and free from vomiting and/or diarrhea.


There may be times during the year where your child needs to have medication administered at school.

Prescription medications: a note from your child’s doctor with instructions for use and parental signature are required to administer any medication during school hours. An adult must deliver the medication to the health office in the original container.

Non-prescription medications: parental signature is required to administer any “over the counter” medications. An adult must deliver the medication to the health office in the original container.

Prescription and non-prescription medication permission forms are available in the health office.

Head Lice:

Please do your part by periodically checking your child's head for head lice and treat as needed. SRES no longer excludes children from school for head lice per instructions from the American Academy of Pediatrics. If head lice is found during school hours the parent/guardian will be notified and proper treatment will need to be done before your child can return to school. Please Note: Mass head checks are no longer done in school

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's health.

Phone: 802-869-2637 or Ema:


Mrs. April Putnam

Last week we were lucky to have Montshire Museum come do a seed lesson with us. The Kindergarteners loved learning about seeds. They learned about differences between seeds.

In ELA we have been working on reading CVC words and writing words using known letter sounds.

In Math we are working on our addition and subtraction skills. Using materials in our classroom to show understanding.

Kindergarten also led the All School Meeting this morning and did an outstanding job! Please remember to send your child in with a water bottle everyday.


Mrs. Jillian White

Reading: During Reader’s Workshop time we have been reading books about the ocean! We have been learning about specific vocabulary words that are in the ocean books and using them in sentences. We learned the vocabulary words migrate, fossil, and scutes from the book “Sea Turtles” by Gail Gibbons. Ask your first grader what one of those words means and how they can use it in a sentence!

Phonics: In word work time, we have continued to work on spelling and reading words with vowel teams! We have learned the vowel teams that make the long a sound (-ai, -ay) and the long e sound (-ee, -ea, -ey). This week we started to learn about vowel teams with the long o sound (-oa, -oe, -ow). Ask your first grader to spy vowel teams when reading!

Math: The first graders started a unit on measurement! The mathematicians have been using different tools to find the length of objects in our classroom. We have compared how bigger tools that we measure with have less quantity than smaller tools because they take up more space. Try measuring an object with a tool (could be crayons or markers!) at home!

Writing: Students have been working on stating their opinion, three reasons, and a closing statement to their writing in their own opinion letters! The first graders got to choose if they would like to write a letter about what class pet we should get for our classroom or if we were to get something for the school what they would want to get (such as a chocolate fountain).

Science: We are continuing to learn about plant and animal traits and survival! We did a Mystery Science lesson about how young plants are similar to adult plants, and what they need for them to grow into adult plants. We will be planting our own seeds and observing how they grow into adult plants over time.

Note to Families: It is starting to feel like summer weather! A friendly reminder to please send your child with a water bottle each day! Thank you for your support with this!


Ms. Jennifer Herman


  • Second Graders continue to practice retelling the important information from a text using a format, like SWBST.


  • These writers are using a rubric to self assess their opinion writing. They are learning how to add more to improve their writing. Soon they will be making a Google Doc to practice typing their writing.


  • Students continue to practice reading and spelling words with different vowel teams.


  • Second Grade Mathematicians are reviewing ways to model their process when solving addition and subtraction problems. They are learning to show their work with different types of models. Ask your student what type of model they like to use.


  • These scientists are using Mystery Science to explore how animals live and survive in specific habitats and how the habitats provide them with what they need to survive.




Ms. Bethany Williams

Math: Third graders completed their unit in fractions. As a class and with partners, students reviewed what they learned. They compared fractions, found equivalent fractions, graphed fractions on number lines and added and subtracted fractions with common denominators.

Reading: This week, students focused on the diphthongs: “AU,” “OO,” and “OI.” They also studied the sound and letter combinations: “DGE” and “TCH.” The interactive read alouds have been chapter books chosen by students.

Writing: The third graders chose different topics that they will be interested in researching. They narrowed down their choices by conversing with partners. Over the next couple of weeks, students will learn about their topics, write about them and create bibliographies.

Science: Students began a unit in technology. They talked about how technology is more than phones, computers and robots. Technology is created by engineers to solve problems. Students worked with partners to talk about how toilet paper, pens and sunglasses are examples of technology.


Mrs. Jaimie Douglass

  • Happy June! It is hard to believe we only have a couple of weeks left before we have middle schoolers!

  • In math we have been reviewing addition, subtraction, and multiplication strategies for multi-digit numbers. Next week we will review division strategies. We have incorporated problem solving by playing games such as Bump, Spinner Wheel, and board game maker.

  • In our reader’s workshop we have included our science study of ecosystems and biomes by reading about oceans, deserts, tundras, wetlands, grasslands, rainforests, and temperate forests. We created a class biome slideshow, including food webs, as well as practiced quizzes on EPIC and RAZ-Kids. Next week we will make ecosystem brochures.

  • In writing we have also incorporated our science study by writing about food chains and food webs, comparing and contrasting producers, consumers, and decomposers, describing photosynthesis, and summarizing ecosystem information.

  • Life Science has been the major focus for much of our academics. We have enjoyed walks to a brook, a field, and the VA trails. We observed producers, consumers, and decomposers by creating graphs and are currently making pop-up books.

Upcoming Date(s):

  • Monday and Tuesday, 6/5 and 6/6: Artist Residency!

  • Thursday, 6/15: Field Day!

  • Monday, 6/19: No school.

  • Tuesday, 6/20: Move Up Ceremony at 10:00 am, Picnic Lunch at 11:00. Early Release, Summer Vacation Begins!


Summer reading is so important, not only for helping students maintain learning while school is out, but also for fostering social-emotional development. When it comes to summer reading, choice and different formats can encourage students to pick up a book, graphic novels and comic books are popular choices. For added fun, play the Bingo game.
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Ms. Dianne Clouet

First of all, thank you so much everyone for making the SRES Book Fair such a success! Lots of books were purchased, and there was SO much excitement about the Book Fair among the children. Getting books into the hands of students and families is THE reason we host the Scholastic Book Fair, and so we are delighted to see this goal transform into a reality.

Next, it was a pleasure and an honor to present the kamishibai Momotaro to such a large audience during the Bingo for Books event. Kamishibai has been an important part of my literacy curriculum for over 30 years, largely because each year students find them so riveting. It is always great to have an opportunity to present one to families, so that they can experience this Japanese storytelling performance art as well.

Last, it is the end of the year! Please look with your child for library books that have not been returned and send them in as soon as possible. Help me get the library organized for the coming year!


Mrs. Alisa Daigneault

Kindergarten, First and Second Grades are all on their ninth week of our final twelve weeks of lessons. Our First Steps In Music curriculum has taught all of our students awesome lessons in beat, singing and moving. It has kept them on the go and taught them how to hear and move to phrasing, sing on pitch and create movement with their body. We are at almost 100% with students being able to keep a steady beat!

Kindergarten: Ask your student to sing "Goin' On A Bear Hunt" for you. Maybe you can echo their singing! Also, have them teach you the fingerplay "Five Little Bunnies".

First Grade: Ask your student to sing "Yoo Hoo". Maybe you can echo their singing! Ask them to perform "Fishy Fishy In A Brook" for you, it is sure to make you smile!

Second Grade: Have your student sing "Three Jolly Fishermen" or "My Dog Rags" for you. They have been singing up a storm in small groups, the whole class and the occasional solo.

Third Grade continues to pick up skill on the ukulele. They have been working on switching from the F to C7 chord, as well as switching from the F to Am and F to C chords. It is so exciting to hear them sing and play at the same time. They continue to dance. They love "The Virginia Reel" and ask to dance it daily! They have begun learning the staff, treble clef and note names. They continue to use their incredible singing voices, learning "This Land Is Your Land" and "These Green Hills" (our VT State Song).

Fourth Grade is finishing up their time here at SRES on a high note! They have been playing their ukuleles, switching from F, C, Am and G7 chords. They are finding great success! They are discovering that just these few chords can accompany many of the songs they know, such as "This Land", "Purple Light", "Don't Fence Me In" and "These Green Hills". We will be working on more songs they know until the very last day of Music! They continue to sing songs they love , such as "The Dream of Martin Luther King", "This Land" and "These Green Hills" (our VT State song). They have been practicing the line and space notes of the treble clef.

I look forward to spending the last couple of weeks with our fantastic Musicians at SRES!

Here are some pictures of the Second Grade creating movements to "Three Jolly Fishermen" and "My Dog Rags".


Mr. Jay Palmisano

Visiting Saxtons River Elementary School the week of June 5h is Mark Ragonese. He is a master woodworker, sculptor, and multimedia artist who is coming in to work with our wonderful and creative students! He will be collaborating with our artists to create a new work of art that will be displayed in the main lobby. Mark focuses on the importance of individuality so each student's voice and work is showcased, all while being a member of the community. He will work with our students to both collaborate and showcase their amazing skills. We are all excited to welcome Mr. Ragonese to our school and work within our studio! Below you can see some of his previous works from other residencies on his website linked here-

After School Program

Last day of the After School program will be June 16th.


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