Transition News

Welcoming Kim Chung to Wittlefield Public School!

Dear Ms. Chung

We hope this little newsletter we've created to help welcome Kim to Wittlefield Public School finds you both well!

We wanted to write to give you a little information on the transition meeting we have planned to help welcome Kim to Wittlefield Public School.

The transistion planning meeting is a meeting to help come up with a plan to help Kim adjust to school so that she develops a positive attitude toward school and learning. Together, with you, we will explore ways to facilitate a successful entry into school for Kim.

Along with yourself, we encourage you to identify people in Kim's life who may help to make this transition to school possible and easier on her. You have indicated that Kim is close to her grandfather, and hence, you may decide to include him in the process. On our part, we have identified the following who will be available to assist with the transition:

Ms. N (Kindergarten Teacher)

Mr. P (Kindergarten ECE)

Ms. C (Board's Special Education Coordinator)

Ms. R (School Special Education Lead)

Mr. T (Board OT)

Mr. M (Board PT)

Ms. W (Board ST)

In terms of the process,we will:

  • Identify Kim's strengths, needs and interests.
  • Identify goals for her transition to school.
  • Identify actions that will help achieve the goals and establish timelines for these actions.
  • Identify team members that will help Kim achieve her actions.

Examples of actions may include: Having her grandfather start reading stories of character's starting school (eg. Franklin goes to school).

The role of each team member will be identified on the transition plan we create.

We are hoping to do all this, as previously stated, to help prepare Kim for her future by ensuring her entry into school is a positive experience for all of us involved in her care, but especially her!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Looking forward to working closely with you!