Hutus vs. Tutsis

The Ongoing Conflict

Background On the Groups

The conflicts between the two groups, the Hutus and the Tutsis is a serious problem. The two groups are pretty well known, but people tend to forget that there is another group residing in Rwanda, the Twa. People tend to think that the reason for the battles and conflicts between the two groups is because of their religion or language, when in reality that is not true. They actually speak the same language and both practice Christianity. The reason is because the Tutsis are normally wealthier and more high class and the Hutus are generally lower-class. The Tutsis also originated in Ethiopia, while the Hutus came from Chad. Another factor that could have led to the poor relationship between the groups is that the Hutus were the ethnic majority and they viewed the Tutsis as a foreign race. These are some of the factors that led to the conflicts.

The Conflicts

Hutus vs. Tutsis

While the Rwanda Genocide is probably the most well known and most talked about conflict between the two, the problems actually started years before the genocide. It started in 1960 when the Hutus overthrew the Tutsis government, which was a monarchy, and the Hutus took control of Rwanda. Meanwhile the Hutus tried to take control of another country, Burundi, but that failed and the Tutsis remained in control there. After all the uprisings the genocide occurred because of the presidents assassination. When the Tutsis started getting help and were finally able to stop the killings the Tutsis took control of the country again, and almost two million Hutus fled to Burundi. This sums up the ongoing conflict of the Hutus and the Tutsis.