Rissa B.'s Declaration

By: Lynda B. Comerford


Rissa Bartholemew's Declaration of Independence is about a girl who's mom gave birth to her on the same day as her mother's old high school friend gave birth to her daughter. When the mother decide that their daughters will be best friends Rissa and Beth, the other daughter's name, decide, that they might as well be... Until Rissa gets tired of Beth's hand-me downs and Beth being mean to her. Rissa has troubles being apart of her own herd, until she meets Violet, a girl who is very dark and strange, but loves to read. When Violet finds out Rissa knows how to play violin, she gets excited,because her old friend used to play violin. Rissa LOVES gnomes, and when she loses her small one, Beth tries becoming her friend again by giving it back to her. Rissa goes through many more problems throughout the school year.

Why You Should Read This Book:

I think you should read this book, because it is very interesting, and exciting. It kept me wanting to read more, and the suspense was all over in the book , and not just all at once. If you like exciting and interesting books this is the book for you.