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Issue 1, 7 February 2020

Principal's News - A New Year

The start of a new school year is always filled with routine changes, new faces and some uncertainty about the unknown. For some, we embrace this new time and we skip an extra few steps of a morning, while others may find it difficult to navigate and need some time to settle, for others you find it neither here nor there they find it easiest to just keep plodding.

At our College, despite these new year feelings and how they differ for all, one thing is for certain, we have a community of students, staff and families who care about each other! There will still be times, like in our families, where the days may bring challenges but we will work through these challenges and move forward continuing to focus on our students as our number one.

God's love for us is like this, we are His number one. He loves us, cares for us and is always looking out for us. Our journeys won't always be perfect, we will have some potholes to navigate as we go. One thing is for certain in our relationship with God; He is there for us no matter what and will support us through the new years, the new routines, the fun times, the tough times, He will be with us through every time!

May you and your family have a year filled with rich learning, lots of opportunity and be surrounded in God's love.

Eloise Beveridge

Compulsory Uniform

The College has a compulsory uniform and as such students are expected to fully adhere to the college uniform. When entering Trinity every family is given a copy of the Uniform Guidelines, they are also available on our website:

We have noticed that since the beginning of term 1 correct dressing in school uniform has NOT MET our College Uniform Guidelines for a number of students. Incorrect shoes, socks and shorter dress lengths seem to be a particular issue.

  • Black Leather Shoes (day uniform)- NOT mesh or canvas
  • No logos on socks
  • Boys socks are Navy Blue - NOT Black
  • Dress length MUST be to the knee

If the levels of appropriate uniform do not remarkably improve next week, lunchtime detentions will be considered for students not adhering to correct uniform.

Uniform shop is open Tuesdays 2.15pm to 4.30pm and Fridays 8.15am to 10.30am. Orders can be placed online

Thank you to those families that have ensured their students wear college uniform correctly and with pride.

STOP PRESS Sunset Hall Car Park Open Tuesday, 11 February

Our updated Sunset Hall car park will be open for our community to use from Tuesday morning, 11 February.

In the first few days we will have staff on duty to assist with traffic flow as we all get used to the new procedures. Below is a map with traffic flow directions.

  • For pick up and drop off you must turn left upon entering the gate and follow around to drop off ONLY along the section parallel to Sunset hall. Marked with a X on the map below.
  • For parking you may take the first left or the second left upon entering the gate.
  • All vehicles must exit the carpark only from the exit beside Sunset Hall.
  • Traffic may drive through to the Sports Hall for parking and as such the main drive remains two way.

Please be patient as we all manage the new procedures and ensure we put student safety as our main priority. That extra ten seconds you might save by taking a risk is not worth the potential accident.

Thank you in advance.

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Traffic Safety

We thank our community for your patience during the renovations to the Sunset Hall car park. In particular we thank parents and guardians for not turning right as you exit from the car park. Traffic has flowed much smoother and been a safer environment for all.

We kindly request that this practice continues, with no right turn out of the College gates on Fifteenth Street during the peak times of the day before and after school, as per the signs at the exit.

Prep 2021 Enrolments being taken now!

Do you have a Prep student for 2021?

We encourage our current families to get their Application for Enrolment in now. This is the first step towards enrolment at Trinity. See the button below for quick access to the Application. Applications and documents can be emailed directly to

For further inquiries contact our Enrolment Officer, Elaine Heinrich.

Application for Enrolment

First step to enrolment at Trinity is to complete the Application for Enrolment and return to the College with accompanying documents and pay the $33.00 application fee.

Welcome to our New Staff

As a college we welcomed five new staff members at the beginning of 2020.

Ms Sophie Witworth and Ms Aleesha Davis to our primary team and Ms June Evans-Caufield, Mr Devan Edwards and Mr Craig Jervies to our secondary team.

We are excited to have our new staff members and if you see them around please make them feel welcome to our community.

Volunteering Child Safety Briefing Sessions

Visit our website to find the dates and information about upcoming Volunteering Child Safety Briefing Sessions for 2020. Information previously emailed to all families.

Inquiry into IB

Trinity Lutheran College is an International Baccalaureate candidate school for both the Primary and Middle Years programs.

The PYP is an inquiry based transdisciplinary curriculum framework with the aim to develop internationally minded, inquiring, knowledgeable and caring students who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. In the classroom this looks like rigorous academics, encouraging students to ask questions and to view the world through different perspectives.

by Stephanie Kriewaldt, IB PYP Coordinator

Student Leadership Installation

Families and friends are invited to Trinity for the Installation of our 2020 Student Leaders on Monday, 17th February at 9am in Sunset Hall.

We welcome special guest, Dr Anne Webster MP, who will be presenting the pins and speaking to our students on the day.

After the installation, families and friends are invited to stay for morning tea in the Salt Bush Cafe.

CSEF Funding

The CSEF is an annual payment to the school that is used towards camps, sports and/or excursion expenses for the benefit of the eligible student.

  • Primary students receive $125 per year
  • Secondary students receive $225 per year

Eligibility for the funding includes families with a Veterans Affairs Gold Card, Centrelink Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card holder. Please see the attached form for the full list of eligibility. We encourage all families who are eligible to please apply.

Darling Brando Visiting Trinity

The College is excited to welcome Darling Brando to the school on Tuesday, 11th February at 9am to perform in Sunset Hall for all of our students.

The band is aiming to complete 100 'gig's' in 28 days, mostly in schools. The band has recently been signed by Sony Music and will be singing songs for the students and answer any questions our students may have about the entertainment industry.

What an awesome opportunity for our Trinity students!

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