Design A Planet

Evelyn Kern


Star Type

The star I chose was a Red Dwarf. This is the smallest and coolest in temperature of all stars.
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The orbit of the planet needs to be much shorter than Earth because the star is smaller and not as hot as the sun. The orbit I chose was 0.3.

Planet Mass

The mass of my planet was 1.5 so that it has less gravity than Earth. If you were to jump on my planet you could jump higher than on Earth.


My planet does have volcanoes because they keep the carbon dioxide levels equal or balanced on my planet.
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Plate Movements

My planet does have plate movement because along with the volcanoes, it helps balance carbon dioxide.

Liquid Water

My planet does have liquid water so that the inhabitants can survive.
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My planet does have producers so that all the extra carbon dioxide, sunlight and water can be turned into sugar and feed plants.

Axial TIlt

My planet has no axial tilt so that there are no season and the weather is always the same. Without a tilt the planet would turn but the temperature wouldn't dramatically change.


There are two moons orbiting my planet. One of the moons turns counter-clockwise and one turning clockwise. This means that there are twice the tides and most animals are nocturnal.