Is It Night Or Day?

Fern Schumer Chapman

World War II

Is It Night Or Day is a very interesting book. It's about a 12 year old girl moving from Germany to the United States. Her name was Edith. After Edith was sent to America, she went and lived with her uncle and his family in Chicago, Illinois. Edith's grandmother informed everybody that she was not going to go to America. She quoted, "I was born a German, and I am going to die a German." Edith's father wasn't going to leave without his mother so they stayed behind. Edith's father informed Edith to try to raise money and see if she could get job interviews for them. Edith couldn't get anybody in Chicago to offer her parents or her grandmother a job or get anybody to donate money to help send them to America. Her mother promised Edith that she would write to her to tell her how everything is going back in Germany. Unfortunately, Edith, nor her sister had heard from their relatives until they had gotten a note. The note was stating about all the wars in Germany and also all the damage and deaths. It was until the end, that Edith read that her relatives were sent to concentration camps and died there. Find out what happens to Edith and in the rest of the story!


The theme is based on caring for others because Edith's father, Siegmund sent his girls to America before he sent anybody else. He also took all of his money from his savings and made sure they enough money for food, enough money for bus, plane, or any kind of tickets that were needed to get to America. After Siegmund does all of those generous and caring things, Edith try's to help raise money and get job interviews for her parents and grandmother. All in all, you should always show that you care about people whether you get along with them or not. Also, you should always help people when it is needed.


The author used relatives that were in World War II. The author got together with people that were actually from Germany and they explained what happened in Germany during the war. They explained what kind of laws there were and what happened if adults or children didn't obey the laws.