Insight Update

From 10/28 to 11/10

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This update will be sent out to all FAs, RAs, and CAs. It will be for you, by you! If you had a great program, send me a picture, write up a blurb, or a text letting me know. I will also be looking at time sheets to create write ups about programs!

Mt. Wachussett Hike

This past Sunday, three Insight teams set out on an adventure to climb Mt. Wachussett. CA Nick Engle said that 'it was really fun, we took a bus...and hiked up one the trails.' CA Matt Dunster wrote 'This was a really fun experience because we were able to get some students out of Worcester. We were able to have an enjoyable stress relieving hike. The students that attended really seemed to enjoy their experience because most have never been there.' Overall it seemed like a great day and everyone made it to the top with smiling faces!
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Stoddard Trick-or-Treating

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To help celebrate Halloween the Community Advior's of Stoddard planned a trick-or-treating event along with a costume contest for all the residents in Stoddard. The CAs were on different floors with candy and the students travelled from common room to common room meeting new people and getting delicious sweets along the way! CA Conrad Ruiz wrote 'There was soooooooooo much candy. Like too much. We should have held a nutrition/wellness program directly after.' CA Whitney Hazard really enjoyed the costume contest, 'Batman won second place for the costume contest, and two girls who dressed up as CIA agents got first place.' The students were genuinely excited, CA Alex Hyman said 'being in college they don't have the chance to go trick-or-treating and they really enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to do it.'

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