Perseverance-The Road To Triumph

by Jimmy Ren

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is going through adversities and getting a benefit from the experience. Many people have gone through an adversity throughout history and pushed through to leave a famed legacy.

Carry On

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Dartanyon and Leroy are two boys who just wanted to make it through life. They depended on each other throughout high school at Cleveland's Lincoln-West High School; Leroy was Dartanyon's eyes while he was his legs. Watch as the two carry each other to destinations that odds say they would have never made.
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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson: Cause and Effect

The early 20th century to the late 20th century was full of racism that was drastically different from the today. Whites and blacks weren’t allowed to be in the same restroom, same school, same restaurant, or even, a baseball game. The situation leads to many of the opinions on each other’s race to be very atrocious. There was little trust between the two races so when a man named Jackie Robinson was asked to join the Brooklyn Dodgers, he was aghast. He couldn’t believe a white man, named Branch Rickey, would ask him to join the team. The idea of a black player in the majors wasn’t thought of. Branch Rickey started a domino effect because of the little push he caused to break down the walls between races. One effect he caused was making African Americans seem the same as whites. Making Jackie turn the other cheek helped establish a better opinion on blacks. It helped start establishing a bridge between the two races that would soon be crossed. After breaking the color barrier, Jackie caused the Civil Rights Movement to slowly snowball into a huge topic of the 1960’s. People like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks were a result of the “noble experiment” that Jackie was in, furthering the boundaries to fall even more. The final thing Robinson affected was letting other black players into other leagues. After people saw how good they were (both in game and as an overall person), many other blacks were invited onto team. This forever changed sports and if not for Jackie, many different American pastimes would look different today such as football or basketball. On a minor note, Jackie was an impressive athlete and changed the game of baseball when he started as 2nd basemen. The many accomplishments that Branch Rickey started for Jackie snowballed into a change in American history. Today is extremely drastic in our culture and ethics compared to the past 80 year period because of the effects Jackie Robinson left on history.

Losing to Win

In Huntingdon, Tennessee, a girl’s basketball team had just suffered another loss. It was their 218th losing streak and they still kept going day after day no matter what the score was. These girls came from broken homes with parents neglect and a 12.5% poverty rate ruining their living environment. They suffer the tough life of drug abuse with temptations everywhere; the town was suffering a methamphetamine problem. The girls show a story about how they pushed their problems away after learning life lessons from a game they call basketball. Carroll Academy was a school for juvenile kids. It might seem like a dreadful situation, but it was a savior for the girls that were told they had no future or home. While the Academy helped save the girl’s futures, they had to play on a basketball team that had a 218 losing streak. The girl’s losing streak seemed to frustrate and anger them as the opposing team scored points after points. Losing seemed to be the lady jags pattern. The girls looked like they were losing their self esteem and trust in themselves. No one saw that behind the scenes, the girl’s personal problems were being solved. The girls were learning life lessons; each loss had helped them work on their self confidence. People had told them that they were worth nothing but the girls learned to push through. Basketball wasn’t the game the girls were focusing on, they were looking at life. The coaches had helped teach life lessons to the troublesome girls by using the sport to ignore the problem. Hayley, one of the girls on the team, was bipolar and charged with aggravated assault. The coach put her on the team to control herself. Each one of the girls was taught how the losing streak didn’t matter and that the coaches would always believe in them. The score may have been bad but in the future they would have bigger problems and the losing streak helped prepare them for that. It helped the girls realize that they were actually triumphant against their self-demons. While the world may seem dark and unfriendly because of past experiences, there is always hope. The coaches inspired the girls to overlook the dark things in the world and focus on the good things in the future. The problems they had like drugs, no parents, or other abusive things in their environment were ignored because of the coaches mentoring on life lessons. The girls will always have the odds against them, but the girls will push through. The hand the coaches played in the girls’ lives was enormous to them. They changed the girl’s lives and that was the true win for them.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most outstanding woman of the 20th century. Her works for human, race, and woman rights are renowned. Her hard work and perseverance through her early stages of life brought her to where she left a legacy that many people cannot match.
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Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, a prominent and one of the most eloquent figures of all time, was an eloquent leader who led Great Britain through a time of war. He started his journey on November 30, 1874 when he was born at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, United Kingdom. When he was a child, his parents were never around; a nanny instead took herself as Winston’s motherly figure. As he grew, he went onto get an education at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Harrow School. During this time, he showed his defiant nature, leading him to become known as a troublemaker. On the other hand, Winston went on to finish top in his class during his last few years in school. His rebellious side came from his childhood; his parents weren’t around to give him a moral compass. Instead of becoming diffident, he soon became rebellious around his fellow classmates in school. However, the people in his life led him to become one of the most influential people of the 20th century. Throughout his life, Winston had shown himself as a boisterous, energetic, and rebellious person. When WW2 started, Winston became prime minister after a resignation from Neville Chamberlain. Instead of being gloomy and depressed that they might lose the war, Winston took the good things that were happening for the British to give positive speeches to boost the country men’s confidence. His greatest accomplishment during his lifetime was leading Britain out of the ashes and into the light of victory. When WW2 started, France and Britain stood as the biggest powers to defeat the Nazi powers easily. All of the countries soon fell in the Nazi’s rampage and Britain soon became the last ally left. Britain was hit with air raids day after day and all hope seemed to be lost. Winston Churchill could not stand for this. His fighting nature couldn’t go down against just one nation. He started to up the work for making the airplanes for the Royal Air Force to counter the Germans. It started to work and after the U.S. came into the war, they were making an all time assault at the seemingly undefeatable Nazis. He continued inspirational speeches of hope and triumph over the adversity that faced the British. Winston Churchill had once said, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Winston would never give up and would rebel against the odds. While most of Europe was conquered, Winston looked at the bright side. He was an optimist with dreams of keeping his country's history alive. Sadly, all legends must have an end. Winston Churchill died in a coma on January 24th, 1965 leaving his mark on history forever. He will remain the world’s savior and one of the most influential people of all time.

Perseverance Conclusion

Dartanyon. Leroy. Winston. Eleanor. Jackie. All those who had persevered in there lives to try to get that one moment of personal glory. People today can take those experiences to learn how to go through their own adversities. Looking at their tough situations can help people make their own adversities look small. They can use the fact that they can change anything if they keep trying over and over. Perseverance will continue throughout history, inspiring more and more people every day.