Third Grade Newsletter

April 4-8, 2016

A Look Ahead

  • April 7th: Chick-fil-a Night @ 4:00 pm
  • April 11th: Field Trip to the Truman Library (Please be at school on time)
  • April 11th: Jump rope for heart
  • April 13th: MAP Awards Assembly
  • April 14th: Kindergarten Registration Night
  • April 19th-20th: MAP Testing
  • April 26th-27th: MAP Testing

Third Graders will be MAP Testing in two weeks. Please make sure that your students are going to bed on time, eating a good breakfast, and getting to school on time. We will begin testing at 8:30 am. With this being the first year your students are testing, please encourage them at home to try their best and give it their best effort.

Spelling and Vocabulary

1. jaw

2. hawk

3. sauce

4. haul

5. thaw

6. awful

7. flaw

8. dawdle

9. drawn

10. faucet

11. launch

12. laundry

13. awesome

14. audition

15. auburn

16. sausage

17. awkward

18. strawberry

Vocabulary Words

1. dangle

2. fatal

3. furious

4. shiver

5. typical