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December 2015

A hilarious student artifact found in the hallways of SMS.

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Fostering a Growth Mindset- New Thoughts from Carol Dweck- (Cite 4 and 5 Culture/Professionalism)

Over the past couple of years, the term Growth Mindset has become a common one within the realm of education. In the linked article below, Carol Dweck offers suggestions and insights on possible roadblocks and disconnects that have arisen concerning fostering a growth Mindset within the classroom at home.

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Formative Assessment- (Cite 2 Assessment)


"Formative assessment is one of the most widely used—but poorly understood—instructional techniques. This special report highlights common misconceptions about the approach and shows how formative assessment differs from other kinds of assessments, such as summative or benchmark tests. It also illuminates some ways that educators can use formative assessment in their classrooms to find out on the spot whether students are really "getting it.'"

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Teaching Models- Constructivist Learning- Why teaching schema is so important.- (Cite 3 Instruction)

Update from the DCSD Professional Development- What are the DCSD Learning Progressions? (Cite 5 Professionalism)

As a staff we completed the first of the DCSD learning progression courses, on our first PLC day of the year. "A Case for Change?"(-aka- Game of Thrones 2), is the first foundational course in the learning progression series. The learning progression courses can be taken during school hours or on a plc day for re-licensure credit or outside the school day for *PGI credit. (* What is PGI?)

The next two foundational courses are Yellow Card Camp and World Class Outcome Camp. If you are interested in taking any of the course for PGI credit, take a look at the course catalogue in InspirED.

I am working with the DCSD Professional Development office right now to create two Sierra only online course for Yellow Card Camp and World Class Outcome Camp. The online option allows an opportunity for you to complete the district "suggested" course at a time that is flexible for you or during the PD sessions I will be holding starting in January on Thursdays. I will let you know when those course are available in the course catalogue.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Learning Progressions.

LINK to DCSD Learning Progression Flow Chart

Link to the DCSD PD website