a dog like no other

author & publisher

Author-John Grogan

Publisher-Harper collins.

What and who is marley

Marley is a adoped puppy dog like no other

and a couple adopped marley because he was the odd one out of the pack so john and jenny thort he would be the perfect dog but did they make the right choice.

The main charcters

john,jenny,marley&the kids.

The main problems in the story

marley goes for a auditon for a movie as a naughty pet it took him a couple of trys to get the movie part but in the end he got the part as a naughty faimly pet.

marley also gets a bit sick and something bad realy

The most problemactic things in the story

He gets pritty angry and kicks marley out of the film derecty and then theylet him back in.

The ending

marley gets sick and they put him to sleep and burryes him tin the back garden.

My favourite park in the book

when marley gets the part in the film derectry.

did you learn anything from this

yes it was the part how you have to give lots of time with dogs in the film derecty.