Ko Taranaki te mounga

Ko Huatoki te awa

Ko Tokomaru te waka

Ko Te Atiawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Te Whiti te hapū

Ko te Kura o Huatoki te kura.

Ko Taranaki, ko Huatoki, ko Paetoki oku tīma

Tihei mauri ora!


Our Mission: Manaaki whenua, Manaaki tangata, Haere Whakamua

Care for the land, Care for the people, Go Forward

Our Values: I.R.O.C.K

Inclusive, Respectful, Original, Courageous, Kind

Whakauru, Whakaute, Tipu, Kaha, Atawhai

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Our 5 school values are I.R.O.C.K.

These are for our Vogeltown learners to be:

Inclusive (Whakaru), Respectful (Whakaute), Original (Tipu), Courageous (Kaha) and Kind (Atawhai).

These values were chosen by the staff, learners and community of Vogeltown School in 2019.

This term we are focusing on being 'Respectful'.

To be respectful we want our learners to greet people in a friendly manner, listen to others when they speak, share and take turns, work with others in work and play, keep our hands and feet to ourselves and say kind and encouraging things!



To help ensure that everyone enjoys the end of the year, 2020!


So we can all enjoy the end of 2020 in a fun, exciting and celebratory way

For the Year 6 students to enjoy their last days at VS in a positive and fun way

Realising how your actions can have a positive (or negative) impact on others

So we can all end the year in a happy and positive way! (The VS way!)


Not blaming others for your mistakes – learn from them

Being honest and responsible

Being accountable for your own actions

We all end the year happy, positive and ready for a holiday to refresh!


Kia ora koutou to our Vogeltown whanau, welcome to the last week of term 4 and the last day of 2020! What a crazy year we have had!

A massive thanks to our Vogeltown community for the support you have shown our school this year - we really appreciate this! A mssive thanks to you all for your work during the lockdown period, without our combined efforts I am sure we would be like many other countries, going back in to lockdown!

There have been some huge successes over the year for our students both in and out of the classroom. We continue to offer and have success in all areas of the school - academic, sporting and cultural, even with the year we have had!

The Vogeltown teaching team have given 100% again this year and work incredibly hard to provide exciting learning opportunities for the kids at VS. They are a dedicated, professional, hard working team of teachers, support staff and TA's - thanks team, you live the 'Vogeltown way'.

We wish the Year 6 students all the best as they move on to their respective Year 7 schools. A massive thanks to all the families and whanau who came to the Year 6 Graduation assembly last night - thanks for your support (and patience).

To those families who finish their association with Vogeltown School, we say thanks and wish you well. We trust that you have enjoyed time with us, and they you will always have great memories of VS. Please stop in anytime for a chat or a cup of coffee - we love to hear how our Vogeltowners are going in their new schools and careers.

Even though it has been a crazy year we still managed to get some great highlights over 2020. These were:

Vogeltown adventure down to Tawhiti Museum, Whanau Fiesta night, , Rippa Rugby tournament, Two Interschool sports exchanges, Whanau challenges - gumboot throw, Tug O war, Athletics, Fun run (new in 2020), Dress up days, Cross Country, Talent quest, Hangi day, Vogeltowner assemblies, and last night our Year 6 leavers assembly - What a year!

If you are in the school over the holidays, please respect the grounds and playgrounds. The school pool will be open in Term 1 - keys will be available from week 1.

Have a wonderful Xmas and New Years. Spend all the time you can with your families and kids. Get outside, visit the beach, walk up the mountain, jump on a bike and get in that quality time!

Have a great holiday, with your families, whanau.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Remember to be kind, be safe, be aware.

Aroha nui, Mr O

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Kia ora Vogeltown Whanau,

Whilst few of us will be sad to see the back of 2020, at Vogeltown we have much to celebrate as we reflect on another very different year.

Versatility and resilience were properly tested by Covid. It is a credit to the leadership team and teaching staff that a completely new programme and approach was developed and implemented so quickly. It wouldn’t have occurred to me way back in January that we would need to develop and implement a Pandemic Plan!

It was a challenging time which impacted differently for each of us - I’m proud of how our community supported and looked out for one another. The professionalism and passion from our wonderful staff was evident throughout. Mr Ogle’s clear and regular communication was a reassurance to many and again is an example of just how lucky we are to have a Principal of such calibre.

Academic achievement continues to impress and considering the disruption is impressive. ​The results are a credit to teachers and students alike. Vogeltown has a well-rounded education programme that is providing fantastic opportunities for students to try new and exciting activities alongside the serious business of classroom-based learning.

The results are a credit to teachers and students alike. Thanks to the efforts of teachers going the extra mile, assisted by a supportive group of parents​, ​a rounded education programme is providing fantastic opportunities for students to try new and exciting activities alongside the serious business of classroom-based learning.

It pays to step back occasionally and consider the range of options available as a Vogeltowner. Whether it be tree planting with the Greenies, touch, chess club, cross country, mountain biking bungy, kapa haka, choir – and many more, these are all opportunities that help to grow rounded, healthy​,​ and happy next generations. I want to acknowledge​ ​​the efforts of teachers going the extra mile, the engagement and assistance of our supportive parents, and ​the effort​s​ of ​many others ​those that​ who​ have helped facilitate in whatever capacity and at whatever level. It truly ‘takes a village’ and I encourage everyone to challenge themselves to get involved and contribute​ in the year to come​.

Vogeltown is fortunate to have a committed Board with an enviable range of professional skills guiding the School’s Strategy and supporting the Principal. Aside from managing Covid and the usual business of delivering a comprehensive academic programme, the Board has been navigating a rapidly changing set of Ministry directives and agreements. We have implemented a new financial management arrangement, contributed to the refreshed school values and spent a lot of time on property!

I’m really pleased with how fresh the School is looking with several significant projects completed and a clear plan to fully deliver our ‘Project Jupiter’ vision. The Council’s work on Huatoki Street ​is ​has been a feature of the second half of 2020 and is thankfully nearing completion. As we face into 2021, the Junior School will see two new classrooms delivered which​,​ when commissioned, will make a huge difference to the experience there. We have a significant re​-​roofing plan which sits alongside the continued modernisation of the overall School.

I want to acknowledge the service of members of staff who will be moving on. Mrs Boot, Mrs Tait​,​ and Mrs Sleep have contributed many years to the success of Vogeltown​.​ ​and ​we thank you for your passion and commitment and wish you well with the next chapter. Happily, we will still see Mrs Sleep occasionally as she assists as a release teacher. Well done also to Mr Bishop on your two year registration.

Thank you to our Year Six families! We wish you all well in your new Schools as you ‘Go Forward’ representing Vogeltown.

It’s been a long year and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to a decent break with your families. Have a truly special summer together and we look forward to a successful 2021.

Meri Kirihimete,

Mike Miners and the Board of Trustees


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For parents of this year's Year 4 and 5 students

Year 5 and 6 Camp is being held on the 24th, 25th and 26th of FEBRUARY in 2021.

If you would like to attend camp, you must fill out a police vetting form as soon as possible. Thanks to all those parents/caregivers who have already filled in a vetting form. We have a good number of parents wishing to come out next year, so thanks heaps!

Vetting forms are available from the school office. You will need 2 forms of ID and our office team can sign you off.


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2021 Sports Registrations

Registrations for all Term 1 sports are now open. We are again using our Kindo Shop for you to register your child. Please use the following link which will take you to our Kindo shop page on our website. If you have not used Kindo before you do need to sign up first by using your email address that is held by the school. Please feel free to check with the office if you have any problems with this. http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/kindo-shop/

The following sports are available for next year.

Touch Rugby: Yrs 1-6 Played Wednesday after school at Hickford Park, Bell Block.

Summer Soccer: Yrs 0-6 Played Tuesdays from 6pm at Merrilands Domain.

Kiwi & Incrediball Cricket: Yrs 0-6 Played on Fridays from 5.30pm at various grounds.


Birthdays this week -

These Vogeltown students had their birthday this week - Happy birthday to these Vogeltowners:

Raees Rasli, Hunter Magon, Ruby Uncles, Claudia Yukich, Peyton Clarry, Anouk Bonzon, Lily Graham



TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on Facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/


1st February - First day of Term 1 2021

5 February - Whole School Assembly

8 February - Waitangi Day (School closed)

9 February - Home and School meeting 7pm

10 February - Camp Meeting (Yr 5/6) 5.30pm

16 February - BOT meeting 6.30pm

19 February - Vogeltown Adventure 2021

24 - 26 February - Paetoki (Yr 5/6) Camp to Vertical Horizons

26 February Four Year Old Friday (9-11am)


3 March - Whanau Fiesta

8 March - Taranaki Anniversary (School closed)

18 March - Learning Conferences 5.30 - 7.30pm

19 March - Teacher Only Day - Learning Conferences

31 March - Weetbix Tryathlon


2 April - Good Friday (School closed)

5 April - Easter Monday (School closed)

6 April - Easter Tuesday (School closed)

8 April - Starting School the VS way (5.00 - 6.00pm)

16 April - Last day of Term 1 2021


3 May - Term 2 begins for 2021


Here are the term dates for Vogeltown School in 2021.

* Within these terms we have three Teacher Only Days as part of the accord signed by all teachers as part of thre pay negotiations in 2019.

We have tried to tie our Teacher Only Days in with Highlands Intermediate and other local schools.


1 February - 16 April

* Includes Waitaingi Day 8 February, Taranaki Anniversary 8 March, 19 March TOD, Good Friday 2 April, 5 April Easter Monday, 6 April Easter Tuesday


3 May - 9 July

* includes 4 June TOD, 7 May Queen's Birthday


26 July - 1 October

* includes 6 August TOD


18 October - 14 December

* includes 25 October Labour Day.


1) Make sure you spend heaps of time with your family - go to the beach, go for a tramp, visit a playground - enjoy being together over this break!

2) Turn of the wifi and play a board game!

Thanks whanau

Good luck to everyone playing sport this weekend!

Stay safe and be kind to each other. Thank you for the ongoing support of Vogeltown School, we appreciate the community we live in.

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal


WEETBIX TRYathlon 2021 Ngamotu Beach

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Here is some information about next year's Weetbix TRYathlon. It usually sells out early so make sure you register ASAP if your child wants to take part!

This is the link to enter as part of our Vogeltown School team https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=40604&G=118223


Morning of Wednesday 31 March 2021


Ngamotu Beach, Moturoa


Entry is open to all 7 to 15 year olds (based on age on event day)


Individual 7 – 15 years

Junior Team 7 – 10 years

Senior Team 11- 15 years

Both team members must meet age requirements.

Teams can be mixed gender (i.e boy / girl)

One team member completes the swim, one team member completes the cycle and both complete the run.


· Official Bib Number.

· Official Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon Pack with miscellaneous offers and giveaways from our partners.

· Official Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon T-Shirt.

· Official Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon Swim Cap.

· Official Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon Drawstring Bag.

· Official Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon Finishers medal.

· Complimentary Breakfast at the Weet-Bix Better Brekkie Breakfast tent.

· All TRYathletes are eligible for spot prizes (must attend prize giving).


· Early Bird Discount Closes: midnight on Wednesday 10th March 2021

· Online Entry Closes: midnight on Sunday 28th March 2021

· Entries received by Wednesday 10th March will get the option to get their TRYathlete Pack delivered at a cost.


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