OAISD Health and Physical Education

Fall, 2022 Update

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OAISD Health and Physical Education Mission Statement

Recognizing the strong link between health and learning, OAISD health and wellness consultation and related support services aim to support schools in the implementation of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model including supporting a nationally recognized comprehensive PreK-12 health education curriculum, student health behavior data and analysis, assessment of the school health environment to support the whole child, and adequate access to health services including behavioral health.

Welcome Back!

As your school year is underway, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have regarding trainings, data, resources, and more. Are you a new health and/or physical education teacher? Check out this newsletter for some additional support and make sure to update the health and physical education contact list below. Have an amazing year!

OAISD Health and Prevention webpage

OAISD Health and Prevention Resource Google Folder.

Sex Education Advisory Board 101 Virtual Workshop

Is your sex education curriculum in need of some updates? Join us for an update on policy, procedures, and best practice in December.

December 6, 2022 from 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Link to Register

Learning Targets:

As a result of participation in this workshop, participants will:

  • Review the Michigan laws that impact sex education in public schools
  • Conduct a resource scan of their current sex education program and plan needed updates
  • Discuss current sex education trends and issues
  • Create an action plan to address the current national trends and issues within local or regional sex education programming and policies

Contact List for Health and Physical Education Teachers

Are you new this year? Switch grade levels? Please add yourself or update the health and physical education contact list. If you see anything from your district that needs to be changed, please do so. It is very appreciated. Feel free to check this out if you need to reach out to a fellow teacher. Health and PE Contact List

Michigan Model for Health

The Michigan Model for Health™ (MMH) curriculum has been updated in Social and Emotional Health and the Nutrition and Physical Activity units. This recent update includes new videos to replace older media (Grades 1, 4, 6 and High School), and a newly revised and updated lesson on eating disorders and body image (6th grade). The digital online version of the curriculum has already been updated with these changes. Teachers using the print manual will soon receive information on downloadable addenda pages to update your curriculum manual.

The digital version of the MMH curriculum now has a new print feature allowing teachers to download and print lesson plans. Teachers have the option of printing the lesson plan outline (usually 1 or 2 pages) or full lesson plan with scripted notes.

Coming this fall, middle and high school health teachers using the digital MMH curriculum will have access to new student online lessons from the alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention module/unit to use as an alternative method for instruction from the traditional teacher led lessons. There are four online lessons for the middle and high school MMH curriculum. The online lessons can be used in the classroom with minimal facilitation by the health teacher or given as assignments for students to do outside of the classroom.

These updates and revisions are part of the continuous improvement process to ensure that MMH curriculum content is both relevant and up to date for teachers and students.

If you have any questions about MMH, please email me at ssills@oaisd.org.

SHAPE Michigan

SHAPE Michigan Fall Professional Development

SHAPE Michigan September Newsletter

There are five regions for SHAPE Michigan. The OAISD is in Region 2 and Tess Armstrong from Grand Valley State University is our representative. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Tess at armsteph@gvsu.edu.

DEA Warns of Brightly-Colored Fentanyl Used to Target Young Americans

"The Drug Enforcement Administration is advising the public of an alarming emerging trend of colorful fentanyl available across the United States. Dubbed, 'rainbow fentanyl' in the media, this trend appears to be a new method used by drug cartels to sell highly addictive and potential deadly fentanyl made to look like candy to children and young people." It is 50X more potent than heroin and 100X more than morphine. Read more about it in the Red Ribbon Campaign Article.

NEW "988" Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Number

If someone needs support now, they can call or text 988 or chat 988LIFELINE.org. 988 connects them with a trained crisis counselor who can help.

What is 988 for? Video

988 Youth Resource Page

Break the Stigma

The Ottawa County Collaborative to Strengthen Youth and Families exists to identify and bridge gaps in services, equip service providers, create community dialogue, and ensure every child in Ottawa County has access to the supports and services they need.

S & S Printable October Fitness Challenge Calendar

The calendar is a great resource that teachers can share with students or parents can share with their kids and encourage them to stay active during the school year.

S & S teamed up with the Alliance For A Healthier Generation to create this fitness calendar for the month of October 2022. Here is the link to the download:

Printable Fitness Calendar October 2022

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Equity Resource Guide

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights have released an Education Equity Resource Guide. This guide is designed to provide Michigan educators, principals, and superintendents with a template for increasing equity in schools and strategies to help dismantle institutional and structural barriers to success for all students. See the Michigan Department of Civil Rights news release for more information, or review the equity and inclusion guide be

Resource Guide to Developing a School Equity Plan: A Template to Operationalize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Michigan's K-12 Education System

MI Child and Healthy Kids

Free or low cost health coverage for children under the age of 19 or pregnant women of any age. Call the MI Child and Healthy Kids hotline at 1-888-988-6300 or apply online at www.michigan.gov/michild