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Google Slides Updates For Champion Presentations


It's hard to believe that Microsoft PowerPoint debuted in its early form (at a company known as Forethought) in 1987, which is the same year I was born. So, for 30 years, digital presentations have been at the forefront of every business proposal and classroom presentation. However, Google Slides continues to improve this, from the Presenter Q & A option, to the feedback options, each update is better than the last. This is especially true in the latest updates to Slides, which should be visible in Slides very soon. Below are a few of the specific highlights you will notice once the update is in place.

Google Keep Integration

If you're unfamiliar with Google Keep, this is a fantastic resource for making checklists and annotations, in a digital "Post-It" note format. What started out as its own entity was added to Google Docs a while back. Now, that same option is available with Slides. From the Tools tab, you're able to open up the "Keep Notepad" which brings up a sidebar of your Keep information. Then, simply drag and drop from that sidebar into a Google Slide. What's even better about this is that a heading and bullets are automatically applied, making for a more efficient design process.

Linked Slides

If you've ever used the same Slide from presentation to presentation, you understand how cumbersome it would be to have to manually change a small part of each slide if they needed updated. However, with this new feature that's rolling out to Slides, updating one and a few clicks allows you to save time and have the second Slide reflect that of the first. All that is needed to do this is to copy and paste the slide from one presentation to another. Then, update the one slide, select all and copy. Then, return to the second slide and click "Upgrade" on the drop down option in the upper right hand corner.

Grid View / Skip Slides

Two amazing updates are the ability to view all of the Slides in a presentation in a grid view. This is similar to what you're able to do with PowerPoint, but now you're able to in Slides. There's also the option of reordering the slide tiles with a drag and drop option within the grid view. Additionally, if you've ever presented and wanted to not include a slide, you would have to delete it from the master set. Until now, that is. You're able to skip slides while keeping the same presentation.

Add-Ons are now in Slides

This is possibly the coolest update this time around! Add-ons, that are available in other apps such as Docs, Sheets, and Forms, are now available in Google Slides! Google is offering seven different add-ons to commence their launch:

Adobe Stock - We're all aware of the ability to search for images within Slides, but there's now an add-on that goes even further. With Adobe Stock, you're able to select, edit, and insert stock images directly into your presentation. An amazing feature of this is that you can even upload an image of your own, and Adobe Stock will find an image similar to it that's royalty-free and high quality.

Shutterstock Images - Similar to the Adobe Stock add-on, Shutterstock offers another option for dragging royalty-free, high quality images into your Slides presentation, without ever leaving the Slides tab.

Unsplash - Similar to Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, Unsplash is another photos add-on option. While these are still high quality images, these are more focused on the art of photography.

Lucid Chart - If you remember the program Inspiration, you're already familiar with Lucid Chart. This add-on allows you to drag and drop concept maps directly into your Slides presentation from a sidebar on the right hand side of the screen.

The Noun Project - This is an amazing collection of basic graphics to use for a variety of purposes. Now, you can add in over 1 million icons from the Noun Project directly into Slides. You are even able to change the color of the icon within the add-on, a feature previously charged for on the Noun Project website.

Pear Deck - Take your presentation to an even more interactive level with the Pear Deck add-on. This cuts down on the need to toggle between multiple different programs when presenting.

Balsamiq - This wire framing app allows another drag and drop option. If you've ever wanted to design an app interface or even a web page interface, check out this add-on!

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