The first thing I am going to give you is the definition then I will give you facts about wetlands.The definition of wetlands is land consisting of marshes or swamps; saturated land.

Three statistics.

They are found wherever climate and landscape cause ground water to discharge to the lands surface or prevent rapid drainage from the land surface so that soils are saturated for some time.wetlands are always associated with land,they are the barrier between land and water.

The four types of wetlands.

The four types of wetlands are fens,bogs,marshes,and swamps. The ones you hear mostly are swamps and marshes. That is cause they are the most common ones. marshes can be identified by the soil that is covered by shallow water all year round. fens are the type of wetland that has water under the soil. swamps they are different because trees grow in swamps. bogs are a type of wetland in which peat is formed.

wetland wiled life.

The wetlands have all different types of wildlife. the wetlands provide shelters and homes for the wildlife so they can have young and so they have a place to bed. the wetlands also provide food source for the wetland wildlife and water so that is why there is wildlife that lives in wetlands.

wetland plants.

the wetlands are a good place for plants because it provides them food and water so they have as much as they need when they need.there are all different types like one is cattails that is because they have water and food so they don't die.

destruction of wetlands.

the wetlands are being destroyed. not by animals of mother nature. they are being destroyed by humans. they are won'ting to builds houses where there are wetlands so they go and fill in the spots where they wont the house with sand or dirt.

how to help stop destruction of wetlands.

we can help stop destroying wetlands by setting up a foundation that protects the wetlands. we can also do a wetland fundraiser to help raise money to start building fences around the wetlands and them be a protected.