Essential Oils for Spring

Helpful uses for oils this time of year!

Amazing special this month to support your respiratory system

There is one oil blend that I have been called multiple times to help people order next day air (even late night calls), and it's the Breathe Respiratory blend. I can't live without it either. And it's free this month along with 3 of my other favorite products to support healthy breathing and sinus health: Breathe throat drops, the Breathe stick and Cardamom (also wonderful for digestive support).

To find out more about using essential oils and purchasing doTERRA, contact me.

Using essential oils is a journey, not a one stop trip to a store. And that's why it's so great to have a community to help you! If you get your first bottle of frankincense or peppermint, I want to help you to open it and learn all the amazing ways it can be a great complement to your natural health. Contact me by phone or email, and learn more about oils at
doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Blend
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Spring Clean your Body Tour with doTERRA (National Tour Event)

Tuesday, May 10th, 7-9pm

9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue

Chicago, IL

Here is the link to this event in Chicago!!! Want to learn about doTERRA from the source. Attend and learn from doTERRA founder and President, David Sterling. Hyatt Regency in Rosemont in the Grand Ballroom. FREE EVENT!

Also a great opportunity to earn products for people who enroll for the first time. And an opportunity to purchase too.

Not in Chicago??? To find out about more Spring Clean Your Body Tours in Your area, go to

Surviving Summer with Essential Oils ~Class at Heritage Prairie Farm

Tuesday, May 17th, 7-8:30pm

2N308 Brundige Road

Elburn, IL

Join doTERRA Wellness Teacher, Libby Pelka, for a informative and enjoyable class to learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils for summer issues. Feel free to bring a friend and please RSVP. Class is free and meets in the farmhouse at the beautiful Heritage Prairie Farm!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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doTERRA Cedarwood~May Product of the Month

What is the product of the month? If you are a doTERRA Wholesale member, then you are also eligible to begin a monthly Loyalty Reward Order. A Loyalty Reward Order or LRP (loyalty reward program) order of 125 point volume between the 1-15 of the month earns you a free product that month. This month it's Cedarwood, a calming essential oil for mood and soothing for skin. To learn more about how to become a wholesale member with doTERRA go to "Join" at my website

Interested in ways to use essential oils? Get a daily idea with the Daily Drop App!

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How I used oils this week...

Well, I burned the inside of my forearm on the oven while trying to retrieve some sweet potatoes. You know how you don't notice an area of your body until it has an issue? Well, I never realized how much you lean on your forearms. doTERRA Touch Lavender and Correct-X came to the rescue.

I also started doing these work outs with people who are much more fit than me. Last week, they did these wall hand stands. Oh man. I did not remember I had muscles in my upper back. Deep Blue Rub has been super soothing to those whining muscles.

I'm also trying to train my appetite out of hibernation mode, so the Control drink packs, the Lemon Control bars and Grapefruit in my water have been great.

My kids have to be out the door pretty early in the morning now too, so Peppermint is a great shower pick me up and wake up zapper!

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Spring cleaning?

It's such a great time to open the windows and air out everything! I love using lemon, peppermint, cypress, orange, bergamot...and OnGuard is fantastic for really deep cleaning. Here's an idea for a great diffuser blend...
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