This Week in Room 120

Week of November 18, 2013


  • It's finally a "normal" week! Back to our regular routine for the entire week...I am very excited about this!!

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop this week, we will be starting a study of the genre of Fantasy.

  • Elements of Fantasy
  • Internal vs External Conflict
  • Imagined Settings
  • Anthropomorphism/Personification - giving inanimate objects or animals human-like qualities
  • Judge the "believability" of a fictional text

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop we will start planning a fantasy story. We will be focusing on creating a main character, the main events, the setting, the point of view, and a satisfying beginning and ending.

Word Study

in Word Study we will be studying words that contain Greek or Latin roots.

We will be focusing on the following roots:

  • biblio = book
  • tel = far away
  • micro = small
  • zoo = animal

Some words that we will be studying: bibliography, paleozoologist, antimicrobial, teleportation.


This week will be continuing our study of Geometry. We will be reviewing various geometric shapes, such as triangles, rectangles, quadrilaterals, etc. We will then begin to categorize these shapes.