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Library Language Resources Trivia Questions


¿Has visto alguna vez una película en español? ¿Sabes dónde encontrar una en la biblioteca?

(Have you ever watched a movie in Spanish? Do you know where to find one in the library?)

Puedes hacerlo usando el buscador de películas extranjeras de Kanopy.

(One way is to use the Foreign Language Film subject browse in Kanopy.


Savez-vous que vous pouvez commander un livre en français par l'intermédiaire de ILL?

(Do you know you could order a book in French from ILL?)

Utilisez pour trouver un livre. Créez un compte en vous servant du lien ILL qui se trouve sur la page principale de la bibliothèque pour le commander.

(Use to find a book.

Create an account using the Interlibrary Loan link of the main library page to order it.)


Хотите узнать последние новости? Где можно найти цифровую версию сегодняшних Российских газет?

(Need the latest news? Where can you find a digital copy of today’s papers from Russia?)

Press Display:



(Do you know how to search for resources in Japanese in our multidisciplinary academic databases?)

ProQuest を使ってみてください。詳細検索でキーワードを入力し、言語を選んでください。

(Try ProQuest. Choose a keyword and select your language on the “advanced search” page:



(What’s the name of the database where you can create a playlist of your favorite Chinese pop music?)

線上音樂:當代世界音樂 (Alexander Street Press)

(Music Online: Contemporary World Music (Alexander Street Press)


Bist du an deutscher Gegenwartsfotografie interessiert? Nutze die ArtSTOR Datenbank.

(Are you interested in contemporary German photography? Try the ArtSTOR database.)

In the advanced search, choose the country and time period and use the keyword “photography.”

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